Features From the Editors: Providing Support

Often considered to be a cost-saving alternative to a box spring, bed bases have become an increasingly viable option for consumers looking for a supportive mattress foundation. No longer simply an affordable way to keep a bed, bed bases now come in a variety of durable styles that are both functionally impressive and sleek in design. The diverse products available offer enhanced support structure, while some include additional benefits such as extra storage and environmentally conscious materials.


The strength of Mantua’s flush-to-floor bed bases is the result of sturdy cross support, made from angle iron steel, which is stronger than traditional tubular steel. All of the steel used in the company’s bases is made from recycled railroad steel and processed in a steel mill that touts a negative carbon footprint.


With a comprehensive product portfolio, Glideaway doesn’t just manufacture the most popular and profitable items; it offers every aspect of the bed frame category. The Space Saver provides complete mattress support system while maximizing storage space. Optional brackets accommodate conventional head and footboards. The Hotelier Platform Base is made from heavy duty all-steel frame, while the cutting edge side-paneled design simplifies assembly without sacrificing support. Working closely with Jersey Shore Steel, Glideaway ensures that its products are made from the strongest materials available.


Featuring Seahawk Designs’ interchangeable platform storage system and upholstered headboards, the company’s patented STO-A-WAY foundations maximize space both at home and on the showroom floor. STO-A-WAY foundations include a variety of design options to fit the consumers’ style.


Combining the design of both bed frame and foundation, Forever Foundations offers a convenient base made from high-tensile strength steel support. This all-in-one design and sturdy construction promotes added longevity and critical stability from the floor up. At the Summer Las Vegas Market, Forever Foundations is unveiling new Store More lines, including the Store More Metro, Store More Max, and Store More Hotel, all of which offer maximized storage space within the base.


Describing its products as “decorative, functional, and affordable,” Boyd Specialty Sleep positions its bed bases as the “foundations of the future.” The platform frames offer both visually appealing form and added support functions. The Euro Base, made from flexible birch wood slates, allows the consumer to adjust the support level in accordance to personalized comfort preferences.



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