Spotlight: Inside Pillows

March 11, 2024

As manufacturers look to offer retailers and consumers more ways to tailor mattress purchases, pillows—as add-ons or stand alone sales—allow for a more individualized sleep experience while increasing sales for the retailer. Often using the same materials and advanced technologies found in their mattresses, these manufacturers offer a pillow variety for your retail floor.

Boyd Specialty Sleep
Moon Pillow™—Made with Boyd’s MicroTec Gel memory foam, the sleek pillow design has a graceful, half-moon shape with a gradual slope, designed to provide ergonomic comfort to sleepers of all sizes.

Classic Brands
Cool Gel Pillow—The Alpine and Spirit Cool Gel Pillow are two new additions to the Classic Brands Pillow Collection. Memory foam surrounds a layer of Cool Gel material giving the consumer proper support and a cooling sensation while they sleep, eliminating the need to flip the pillow to find a cool side. The Alpine is a slimmer in height than the Spirit. Both have a plush dimple knit fabric.

PureCare™ Plush Antibacterial Pillows—The new pillows collection includes Fabrictech’s focus on improved health and comfort. The pillows are bacteria free, as well as allergen, dust mite, and bedbug proof. The pillows start with biodegradeable dustmite and fungi resistant bamboo fiber covers with an application of silver ions to deactivate bacteria. The pillows include patented MiteTight sealed seams. The collection includes latex pillows, in standard and soft, down pillows, in standard and light, and the memory foam, including standard, elegant, contour, comfy, and latex/memory foam combo. Fabrictech’s specialty full body pillow is aptly named Cuddle Me.

Hickory at Home
iCare Collection—Advanced technology memory foam specialty pillows said to improve the quality of deep, restorative sleep and aid in postural alignment. Offerings include: Pretty Pillow, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to a gentle slope within the memory foam core; Cupron, with copper technology; Peace & Quiet, scientifically proven to reduce snoring and improve breathing; and Cool Flash, which creates a constant microclimate through its OUTLAST SmartFabric and Sofloft™ fiber fill to reduce overheating by staying cool.
EarthCare Collection—This natural latex pillow collection is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mildew proof and dust mite resistant. The pillows, including the Take Anywhere curved pillow with Preserve Foam™, conforms to the sleeper and allows for a breathable, cool, dry sleep environment.

Leggett & Platt
BRISA™ Memory Foam Pillow—Including an unique ventilation design that improves air circulation and pressure relieving cool comfort, the pillow works well for back and side sleepers. The pillow is hypoallergenic and has a 100% washable polyester casing.
Micro Gel Pillow—With medium and soft options, the pillow contains 100% premium gel microcluster polyester fiber and works for all sleepers.
Talalay Pillow—The latex pillow provides pressure-relief comfort and support, is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant.
Triple Chamber Pillow—Made with a Canadian white down outer layer and a feather core, the pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, hypoallergenic and offers a cool sleep environment.

MemoForm Comfort Pillow—A pillow whose unique orthopedic shape is unlike any other on the market. Suitable for travel or everyday home use, it features Memoform Magnifoam and a removable, washable cover made with Coolmax fabric. The pillow includes temperature-regulating properties as well the comfort provided by its design for your neck and shoulders.

Natura World
NexGel Pillows—Featuring patented OrthoGel™ technology, the pillows eliminate pressure-point pain by providing localized support. In addition, Relief Point technology allows the pillow to adapt to individual sleep positions, evenly distributing weight to ease stress and strain. The NexGel pillows to sleep cooler due to their temperature neutral core. The collection includes three models: GelAdjust, with inflatable air chamber that adjusts for individualized neck and shoulder support; MemoGel, that relieves tension through a combined layer of responsive gel and conforming memory foam; and the MemoGel Contour, with its special contoured shape engineered to provide added support to the neck and shoulders.

The Pillow Bar
Customized Down Pillows—Designed with consultations of a neurosurgeon and chiropractor, the pillows ensure the ideal support of the neck and spine. With 6 sizes available, the pillows are can be customized to include a monogram, 300-thread count, double stitched 100% cotton sateen, filled with sterilized, double fluffed white Hungarian goose down and a lavender sachet.

Pure LatexBLISS
ActiveFUSION Pillow—Combining latex and gel, the pillow pairs both materials to create a unique sleep experience. The ActiveFUSION technology makes sleeping more comfortable for warm or cold sleepers by incorporating phase change material in both the fabric yarns and inside the Talalay Latex. The technology stores and releases energy on demand.

Duo-Core 2-1 Memory Foam Microfiber Pillow—Combining supportive features of memory foam with the feel of microfiber, the molded memory foam insert minimizes pressure points while the microfiber filling provides soothing comfort. Ideal for back and side sleepers, the pillow has a 300 thread count, 100% sateen cover.

Sleep & Beyond
Organic Merino Wool Pillow—Filled with certified organic merino wool and contained in certified organic cotton jacquard, the pillow line is certified organic. Absorbing up to 35% of moisture, the pillow has a high resilience ability and breathes more naturally then synthetic products. Packaged in an eco-friendly organic cotton bag, the pillow includes easy product storage.

Sleep Innovations
Rejuvenation Pillow—Designed for side and back sleepers, the pillow is made of premium memory foam and the contoured head support conforms to the body’s shape to create a custom sleep surface. The built-in neckroll gently positions the head and neck at the Ideal Angle which promotes correct alignment and specially sloped shoulder support relieves pressure on the neck and chest, allowing consumers to breathe more effectively.
Gel Memory Foam Classic Pillow—This reversible pillow offers support, cushion, and temperature for any sleeper. With its 2-side design, the Premium Memory Foam side offers soft, cradling comfort that supports the head and neck to reduce tossing and turning during sleep, while the Gel-Memory Foam side ensures proper spinal alignment, head and neck support.
Memory Foam Micro Cushion Classic Pillow—Ideal for all sleep positions, the down-like feel of the Micro Cushions provides cradling comfort and customizable support. The sleeper can enjoy folding, fluffing and working the pillow into their desired shape while retaining the support they need.

South Bay
Black Diamond Visco—The memory foam pillow is the newest innovation of their line of premium pillows. Incorporating bamboo fibers into their premium visco, as well as using a bamboo blend fabric pillow cover creates a luxurious pillow while utilizing renewable resources.

TEMPUR-Traditional Pillow—Available in three levels of firmness, the pillows provide comfort and support for a wide range of sleepers and are dust mite and allergen-resistant. With the benefits of memory foam, sleepers’ head, neck and shoulders are fully supported allowing muscles to fully relax for a more restful night’s sleep. The pillows include improved textiles and cover designs based on extensive consumer research done by the manufacturer.

Therapedic International
Anti-Microbial Pillow—Combining personalized comfort with their two pillows in side or stomach/back sleepers, the pillow includes built in anti-microbial features. These 400 thread count, quilted pillows are filled with Puresleep® anti-microbial fiber fill for the ultimate in comfort, while the InvisiShield Plus™ by Nanotex fabric protector helps repels and releases stains.
U-Shaped Pillow—Providing pressure relieving support and comfort for your head and neck, the sculpted, high-density memory foam features a reusable hot/cold gel pack that relaxes tired, sore muscles by freezing or heating. The velour cover is 70% cotton/30% polyester and the foam pillow is 100% visco elastic.
Memory Touch DELUXE Memory Foam Bed Pillow—Available in CONTOUR or COMFORT, this pillow features Italian styled luxury memory foam for increased comfort and durability. The memory foam is temperature responsive, providing a restful night’s sleep while the unique ventilation system provides cool breathability and comfort. The ultra premium luxury damask cover is secured with anti-stain fabric protection and includes a 15 year warranty.
Therapedic Quilted Cotton Pillow–Featuring Dacron® Dura-Life Fiber Fill for a lasting life, this 3” gusset provides support for neck and shoulders. The Always Fresh™ Odor Eliminator attracts, captures and eliminates odors to maintain a fresh, clean smelling bed every day. This material repels stains and releases tough, ground-in stains in the wash. The pillow also contains an antimicrobial fiber fill which effectively inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew.