Therapedic addresses consumer health concerns with copper-rich Immunity Collection.

Therapedic International is offering a compelling and timely health benefit story with the launch of its new Immunity Collection at the winter Las Vegas Market. Made with incredibly high copper content, this new mattress line-up delivers unique properties that can aid in immune health.

Using threads of copper woven into the fabric cover and infused in the mattress foam, the latest lineup from Therapedic is squarely aimed at addressing a leading consumer concern of today: health. Research shows that copper is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal; it also reduces inflammation and increases circulation—all properties that can bolster immune health.

The key feature of the six-model mattress collection is the soft, copper-powered fabric cover by NatuVerex, which is made with a minimum 30% of the patented copper yarn. What makes this high copper content so beneficial is that it has shown in tests to be transferrable through bedding and absorbable by the skin. Therapedic is the first mattress manufacturer to incorporate fabric with this high of copper content in the yarn.

Research indicates that 30% copper yarn is the proper amount of copper needed to positively influence the health of the sleeper. NatuVerex also noted that the tests of the patented yarn, NatuVerex Copper Technology, show no loss of efficacy through more than 50 home launderings.

While Therapedic began developing this product prior to the pandemic, product testing and test marketing continued throughout the past year and a half—and the more the company learned about the properties of the fibers used in the bed, the stronger and clearer the value proposition of safer sleep became.

This product can boost the immune system. It increases circulation, it is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been clinically proven to boost elastin and collagen for helping the skin. With what we’re going through with COVID, everybody’s immunity is crucial. People want to feel that they have some type of immunity to these illnesses that are in the world today. And if you have a product that can at least naturally boost your immune system, it’s just another wind to our backs to help keep us healthy.

—Gerry Borreggine, president & CEO of Therapedic

With the tagline “Keep well, sleep safe,” Immunity will give retailers quite a bit to talk about at the point of sale and will speak directly to the consumer’s most pressing desire—to stay well and keep their families healthy.

Immunity also utilizes CertiPUR US copper-infused gel memory foam to deliver increased air flow and natural temperature regulation. Incorporating a Quantum Edge pocket coil spring unit, the product also offers edge-to-edge support and durability. The collection is available in smooth top, quilted top, pillow top and Euro top styles. All models are adjustable base friendly and can be flat-packed or roll-packed. It will retail for mattress-only between $999 and $2,499 in queen.



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