Sleep Retailer’s Companies To Watch: 2018


Every year, the editors of Sleep Retailer compile a list of innovative bedding manufacturers that are poised for retail success in the coming year. This year, we have spotlighted a group of industry veterans and emerging disrupters that not only have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends – but are actively moving the needle. From new advanced technologies to smart business strategies and creative marketing campaigns, these companies are helping retailers reach new customers in more meaningful ways.

Here are the bedding brands you should be paying attention to in 2018.


Eschewing both convention and expectation, Bedgear has been steadily developing a strong brand identity and cohesive product portfolio over the past five years. With a focus on personalized fit and functional technologies, the company has been developing sleep products that deliver the comfort and support people need to perform their best during their waking hours. The assortment is proof that the company is thinking deeply about the consumer experience, taking cues from outside the bedding industry to introduce creative detailing into its product design. More than just eye-catching styling, the company’s visual branding reinforces its overarching mission - as each new product is designed to deliver tangible performance and recovery benefits.

Bedgear has developed a wide array of sleep accessories made from advanced textile technologies with an emphasis on enhanced breathability and moisture wicking features. By offering its advanced Dri-Tec, Ver-Tex and Hyper-Wool technologies across all of its product categories - including mattresses, sheets, blankets, protectors and pillows - bedgear helps consumers create an optimal sleep micro-climate. In keeping the materials and benefits cohesive across product categories, bedgear simplifies the shopping process for consumers – and makes it easy for retailers to increase their attachment rates. More than simply creating an array of performance-enhancing bedding products, bedgear has set itself apart from the rest thanks to its bold approach to marketing. Whether as the “Official Performance Sleep System Partner” to the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox and Dallas Mavericks or a sponsor of the Houston and New York City Marathons, bedgear is consistently building brand awareness among a burgeoning consumer demographic: young, health and wellness enthusiasts on the look out for new ways to “optimize” their lives. Bedgear also recently welcomed Lorenzo Turicchia as its first official Sleep Scientist and Biometrics Expert, on call to offer best practices and insights on the personal nature of sleep. Whether fitting athletes with personalized bedding products or showcasing its products as part of marathon training regimens, the company is elevating the general conversation around sleep. In doing so, bedgear has been able to cut through the noise of today’s crowded bedding marketplace and engage with new customers.

The company brings this same left-of-center approach to the brick-and-mortar retail setting. Bedgear works closely with its retail partners to create unique store-within-a-store POP, equipping them with advanced technologies that make it easy to provide the personalization consumers need to sleep their best. With the Sleep System ID and Pillow ID tools, retailers can efficiently fit their customers to their ideal bedding equipment, helping them build a complete sleep system based on their unique body type and sleep habits. Through these curated in-store experiences, eye-catching styling and creative marketing campaigns, bedgear is able to communicate a cohesive message about health and wellness. Looking ahead, the company is set to take its personalized performance bedding to the next level - with exciting new product introductions slated to make their debut later this year.


Blu Sleep

With a bold new look and rebranding campaign, Blu Sleep Products is making big changes to maximize its business. Taking inspiration from summer trips to southern Italy, Blu Sleep founders Alex Ciccolella and Elizabeth Dell’Accio designed a collection of pillows and mattresses that marry patented technologies with exceptional comfort and pleasing aesthetics. Evoking a spa-like experience, Blu Sleep’s products support the notion that sleep should be an integral part of any health and beauty routine.

At the recent Winter Las Vegas Market, the company unveiled a revamped showroom space. Awash in bright, crisp whites, the refreshed space allows Blu Sleep’s iconic colorful products to pop, catching the eye and inviting investigation. Spotlighted in the space were the company’s two new lines: the Essentials oil-infused pillow collection and the roll-packed Nature mattress. Utilizing the benefits of aromatherapy, the Essentials pillows are constructed from Blu Sleep’s trademark Italian, water-expanded memory foam and are infused with either chamomile, lavender, citrus or eucalyptus oils to promote relaxation.

The new Nature mattress is the company’s first foray into the boxed-bed segment and was created to coordinate with the company’s four top-selling pillows, both enhancing the sleeping experience as well as simplifying the sales process for RSAs and consumers alike. Alongside the new product roll-outs, Blu Sleep introduced its new, streamlined logo. Eliciting an aquatic feel, the soft lines of the stylized, lowercase B – when flipped on its side – echo a fluffy mattress and pillow, while its rich, blue background is representative of Southern Italy’s vibrant seaside hues. Blu Sleep carries this sleek rebranding into its new, dynamic packaging: re-sealable bags with simplified messaging offer consumers a “grab-and-go” option for better sleep.

With its transformative rebranding, new product lines, updated POP materials and a steadily expanding team, Blu Sleep is poised for enormous growth in the year ahead.


Classic Brands

Classic Brands has its finger on the pulse of the ecommerce market like no other brand. A pioneer of the easy-ship bedding category, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of mattresses, pillows and headboards designed to succeed in today’s omni-channel marketplace. While other manufacturers are still struggling to compete in the online category, by 2016 Classic Brands had already surpassed more than two million bed-in-a-box units sold through major retailers. As the bedding industry continues to move more towards online and direct-to-consumer sales, Classic Brands is successfully leveraging this expertise to better support its retail partners across a wide range of distribution channels.

With a deliberate focus on value-added products, the company provides retailers with specialty materials and in-demand features at competitive price points. Classic Brands first introduced its popular Urban Loft brand of mattresses in 2015, and since then has strategically expanded the line-up to include a range of constructions, comfort feels and high-tech textiles. This easy-to-merchandise collection includes a variety of hybrid and all-foam options, with the newest Hybrid Blue collection debuting late last year. Combining memory foam, foam-encased coils and cooling phase-change materials, this line offers specialty comfort at a price point that ranges from $599 to $999. At the winter market, the company also showcased a selection of new pillow options that correlate with its mattress offerings, creating more opportunities for add-on sales.

As its business continues to rapidly expand, Classic Brands is already working to fortifying and sustain this growth. In November of last year, the company announced a new partnership with A&M Capital Opportunities. The middle-market private equity firm will provide strategic and capital resources to the mattress maker, offering added assistance to the management team as they look to accelerate the company into its next developmental stage. Classic Brands is also opening up a new facility in Long Beach, CA that will house more distribution services along with additional manufacturing capabilities. Bigger than its existing headquarters in Jessup, MD, this new facility is yet another sign that this is only the beginning of Classic Brands’ ascent.



Keenly aware of the constant evolution of the bedding industry, Eclipse has strategically positioned itself as an early leader of seamlessly blending e-commerce with brick-and-mortar shopping. The company’s newest offering, the Velika bed, is the culmination of two years’ worth of consumer research and is developed specifically to straddle the divide between online purchasing and in-store buying.

Designed especially for the 71% of women who sleep on their sides, Velika reduces pressure points and motion transfer and features Eclipse’s patented LifeEdge perimeter support for total sleep surface comfort. In addition to quality components like all-natural Talalay Latex and luxury Pima cotton, Velika also offers customer personalization. With a choice of two leg styles, three platform finishes and three herringbone side panel color options, consumers can build a bed that reflects their specific tastes.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Velika is how Eclipse plans to market it. With the company’s comprehensive “clicks-to-bricks program,” retail partners will be able to spotlight the Velika on the showroom floor for in-person rest-testing, but avoid the hassles of having to carry inventory. Once consumers select their finishing touches, they can place the order right in-store or from the comfort of their own home via Velika’s dedicated website, with the bed shipping directly to their door. This creative and unique approach to marketing establishes Eclipse – already a long-trusted and reliable bedding brand – as a true pioneer at the forefront of today’s retail spectrum.



In a shifting bedding landscape, retailers are continually evaluating the best ways to get consumers through their doors. With tough competition from direct-ship and boxed-bed manufacturers, brick-and-mortar retailers are in need of an edge -- something that they can provide to their customers that online retailers cannot. Enter Kingsdown, longtime leader in high-end mattress manufacturing whose mattress-savvy doesn’t just mean a beautifully crafted bed. Bolstered by its research arm, the state-of-the-art Sleep To Live Institute, Kingsdown’s bed making process starts with a science-backed foundation and a tool called the X Factor Machine that ensures each mattress delivers its specific support level. Using both third-party laboratories and in-house testing procedures for absolute quality control, mattresses bearing the elite Sleep To Live Institute Certification have proven to meet the company’s stringent standards.

To further enhance its commitment to both quality and data-driven technology, Kingsdown’s bedMATCH diagnostic system offers brick-and-mortar retailers a hands-on, interactive tool that simplifies the traditional rest-test. Launched in 2011 and used by nearly 100 retailers around the globe, bedMATCH recently hit an accumulated a record 11 million consumer profiles in its extensive database, every single one of which enables the system to further fine-tune its matching capabilities. This milestone is not an endpoint, but rather forecasts a promising future for the brand, as Kingsdown continues to improve its offerings based on this data-driven approach. In the beginning of 2018, the company revealed the newest iteration of its bedMATCH system. In addition to the 1,000 calculations and 18 statistical measurements that cover everything from gender, height and pain to the distribution of weight and the flexibility of the lumbar curve, bedMATCH 3D Fit uses 3-D technology designed to measure the body with a complete 360-degree image, better marrying consumers to the most supportive mattress for their sleep needs.



Founded on the belief that life is best lived with limited exposure to synthetics and toxins, Orgainc Mattresses Inc. (OMI) has carefully curated a luxury line-up of certified organic mattresses and accessories over the last 20-plus years. As public awareness around the benefits of an organic lifestyle has continued to grow, OMI’s crusade to deliver purer, more healthful sleep without sacrificing quality is more relevant than ever. It is with this deep understanding of the positive effects of living organically that OMI has endeavored to make healthier sleep more accessible, recently launching its new, affordable METTA Bed brand. Manufactured by hand alongside other higher-end mattresses in the company’s EcoFactory, the METTA Bed borrows from the bed-in-a-box model, offering single-box shipping and easy set-up, but uses the same premium quality components found in OMI’s luxury beds, including all natural latex and GOTS-certified cotton and wool. METTA Bed differs from its direct-ship competitors not only in the quality of its materials, but also in its level of customization. Available in three comfort levels – plush, medium and firm – METTA Bed offers a 120-Night Comfort Guarantee, allowing customers a one-time comfort layer exchange during that time period. And even after the 120 nights expire, customers may purchase interchangeable layers for a fee, ensuring a truly personalized fit.

But METTA Bed doesn’t just stop at the mattress. OMI also offers a full portfolio of organic accessories to compliment the METTA Bed – a spiraled wool-filled pillow, an all-season wool comforter and 300-thread count cotton sateen sheet sets – enabling shoppers to purchase everything they need to create their very own healthy sleep system. And touting GREENGUARD certification for a healthy indoor environment, METTA Bed’s products are perfect for the entire family – even its smallest members.

Visit and


Ever since the news broke that Bob Sherman would be joining Restonic as the head of its largest licensee, there has been plenty of chatter about how the company would evolve under his leadership. After the winter market, there’s no question that Restonic is now uniquely poised for nationwide growth. In addition to unveiling a stylish new showroom at the World Market Center, the company introduced a fully revamped national product line-up with a little help from the Property Brothers. Restonic teamed up with HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott to develop a comprehensive new mattress collection that embodies their promise “to form a perfect blend of function and style for their fans—putting their dream homes within reach.” Best known for their home make-over television shows, the Scott brothers have leveraged their fame to build a successful home decor brand—and this new collaboration with Restonic will mark their first foray into the mattress marketplace.

Available to independent furniture stores and national retail chains alike, the new Scott Living Collection was designed to appeal to a consumer base as comprehensive as the brothers’ dedicated fanbase. With 18 mattress models retailing from $999 to $2,200, the line-up includes micro-coil, hybrid, latex and memory foam options and features a number of unique proprietary technologies. With a dual innerspring design, the “twin support” coils not only deliver more advanced support but cleverly embody the twin brother’s branding as well. The line-up also features AlumniLast technology, which disperses heat to deliver advanced temperature management. By combining high quality materials and elegant styling with the duo’s dedicated following, the Scott Living Collection is a valuable opportunity for retailers to connect with a highly-engaged consumer group and drive more traffic into their stores. With such a comprehensive debut bolstered by big-name stars, this new line-up is poised to be a major turning point for the Restonic brand - one that may just catapult them into a new leadership position within the marketplace.



Reverie has always thought about sleep a little differently. Since first introducing its customizable DreamCell mattress more than a decade ago, the company has been at the forefront of bedding innovation. Beyond simply expanding the expectations of what a mattress can do, Reverie is also reshaping how sleep products are sold. Over the years, the company has developed a powerful portfolio of adjustable bases. For consumers who are not familiar with adjustable bases or simply working with a smaller budget, the company’s entry-level models serve as a meaningful introduction to the category. These competitively priced bases offer more approachable technological features, such as 3D wave massage, to attract first-time buyers. As the consumer grows more familiar with the power base concept, they can eventually step up to one of Reverie’s higher-end models that build upon the entry-level features with more advanced capabilities such as Zero Gravity positioning and ProGrip technology. This approach gives consumers a new reason to upgrade their sleep system: not just because their existing products are no longer working properly, but because they want access to even more advanced features and benefits.

While much of the conversation around mattresses has centered on value and convenience lately, Reverie is working to shift the focus back on the industry’s essential purpose: helping consumers sleep better. This winter, the company introduced a first-of-its kind program designed to further enhance the post-purchase relationship. Sleep Coach is an educational program that provides consumers with research-driven advice on how to maintain better sleep habits. Developed in partnership with a board of sleep science and psychology experts, the program includes curated online resources and personalized one-on-one coaching. As consumers learn how to get the most out of their new sleep system, retailers benefit from higher customer satisfaction, which can lead to lower return rates.

When it comes to product research and development, Reverie continues to raise expectations. Taking a page out of the auto industry’s “concept car” model, the company recently developed a new sleep system that pushes the limits on what mattresses can do. Showcased at both CES and the Winter Las Vegas Market, the Tech Bed included a host of exciting adjustable features, such as dual tilt, heated feet and sound-isolated speakers. The main attraction, though, was its “mind-reading” capabilities thanks to its EEG monitors. Traditionally used in sleep studies, this precise technology monitors brain waves in real-time - offering more accurate sleep tracking than many devices on the market. The Tech Bed is able to interpret these waves to recognize when the body has fallen asleep and entered into REM sleep - then communicates with the pressure mapping and adjustable technologies to better support the body throughout the night. While the Tech Bed was not intended for retail, it does showcase what sort of technological advancements may be possible in the future. With a keen eye for innovation and a knack for developing first-of-its-kind solutions, Reverie has been quietly pushing the bedding industry forward - and we can’t wait to see where the company will go next.


 Spring Air

Combining philanthropy with business is hardly a new concept. However, Spring Air President Nick Bates took the idea a step further. Rather than simply donating money to a particular charity, he helped develop a program that incorporated charitable giving directly into a product’s purchase. Partnering with Love Your Melon, an apparel brand dedicated to the fight against pediatric cancer, Spring Air created a special edition, three-model, encased-coil Back Supporter mattress. Using its various social media channels, the company generated interest with its clever slogan, which proclaims, “Not only do we have your back but we Love Your Melon.” Each purchase comes with a red Love Your Melon beanie (red symbolizing the heart, which is an element of Love Your Melon’s logo) and directly impacts the life of a young cancer patient.

A sales program that puts the social benefit contribution at the forefront isn’t just a one-time, feel-good encounter; it’s a smart way to connect with younger shoppers. Millennial shoppers who wield an estimated $2.45 trillion in spending power are also proven to be more willing to invest in products that give back to issues they care about - 70% of millennials to be exact. Tapping into this demographic, a population that is widely known for its online presence and penchant for digital sharing, makes good business sense as the customers themselves help advertise the program. And while many consumers may initially be drawn in by the mattress’s aesthetic, the story behind it can only bolster their interest.

By merging a quality-made mattress with a social cause that resonates, Spring Air communicates a powerful narrative that can convert one-time customers into true brand ambassadors.



Tempur-Pedic was definitely a hot topic in 2017, thanks to the surprising news last January that the company was parting ways with longtime retail partner Mattress Firm. While there was plenty of speculation about how the break-up of would affect both companies and the industry as a whole, Tempur-Pedic dove into 2018 with immense confidence. In fact, the company unveiled its largest product launch to date at the Winter Las Vegas Market - including the debut TEMPUR-Adapt and TEMPUR-ProAdapt series and its new TEMPUR-APR material. These new introductions are the first phase of a much larger evolution for the brand, which has plans to update its entire product line-up over the course of the next year and a half. Understanding that mattress shopping can be a confusing experience for many consumers, Tempur is embarking on a mission to simplify the process. In addition to paring down its mattress line-up from 14 price points to just five, the company has also adopted a new approach to categorizing its offerings that puts its material technology front and center. No matter the price point or model, consumers can be confident that Tempur’s mattresses will deliver on three key benefits: Adapt, Motion Separation and Pressure Relief. From there, each step-up collection builds upon those core features with specific enhanced elements. By crystallizing its strengths into clear simple concepts, Tempur is ensuring that shoppers can more easily navigate the different comfort options that are available to them. As its new introductory offering, the TEMPUR-Adapt features two layers of TEMPUR foam to deliver the company’s three essential benefits. Consumers can then choose between two different comfort models, both retailing for $1,999. Stepping up to a $2,799 price point, the new TEMPUR-ProAdapt line is made from the company’s new TEMPUR-APR material, which offers more advanced pressure-relieving benefits. This collection also provides added temperature regulation with its SmartClimate cover system, which touts a cool-to-the-touch outer layer, a stretch inner layer and a zippered design for easy cleaning. Made with high-density yarn, this cover utilizes a more durable physics-based cooling technology rather than a chemical treatment. The ProAdapt line also features an additional comfort option - offering a soft, medium and firm model. As part of its POP update, the company made the distinction between comfort options more visible on the retail floor.

While this first phase was focused on bolstering the $2,000 to $3,000 price point, Tempur is already working on updating its higher-priced mattress collections as well—with the full product evolution expected to wrap up in Spring 2019. As the industry continues to recalibrate amidst Mattress Firm’s ongoing struggles, Tempur-Pedic continues to confidently invest in its own future - which is sure to have an effect on retailers nationwide.


Emerging Technologies

Innovation comes in many forms. While comfort and support will forever be essential to sleep quality, today’s bedding products can deliver a host of other features and benefits as well. Here are four companies that are bringing new cutting-edge technologies into the bedroom.


For many consumers suffering from insomnia, the promise of better sleep can feel futile. While they may benefit from a new mattress that provides better comfort and support, these upgrades do not address a potential root cause of their sleep issues: an overactive or anxious mind. That’s where Dreampad comes in. First developed as a therapy tool for children on the Autism spectrum, the Dreampad is a new kind of pillow that uses advanced Intrasound Technology to stimulate the body’s relaxation response. Within each pillow are specially engineered transducers that transmit sound through vibration as opposed to producing audio that resonates through the airwaves. When a person places their head on the pillow, this gentle vibration acts upon the cranium bone and activates the neural pathways within the brain that calm the nervous system—alleviating stress and anxiety. In a series of clinical trials and research studies, Dreampad has been proven to not only help users relax, but actually fall and stay asleep easier as well.

Originally sold exclusively through pediatric clinical channels, the technology was so effective that parents of patients began requesting it for themselves as well. In response to this growing demand, the company developed a new version of the product that delivers this advanced audio technology within a plusher, more comfortable pillow design. Users can control the pillow through a free app, choosing from five different music options specifically developed to induce relaxation and sleep thanks to specific tempo, frequency filtration and non-melodic ambient sounds. Retailing from $159 to $179, the Dreampad is available in a range of sizes and styles, including Memory Support, Firm Support, Medium Support and Slim Support. As technology becomes a more and more common feature in the bedroom, Dreampad stands apart from the rest by offering sleep and relaxation benefits that are backed by extensive research and credible testing. For consumers who are unable to “turn their brain off” when they get in bed, the Dreampad offers unparalleled relief - and allows them to fully appreciate the benefits of their other sleep products.



A longtime leader in the adjustable base category, Ergomotion continues to meet and exceed the growing demand for adjustable options. Consistently developing forward-thinking technologies, the company’s products provide added value for both retailers and consumers. Designed with style and function in mind, the Element is an advanced adjustable base offering that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. Made from a flexible membrane made from a polypropylene and carbon fiber mix, the base measures less than four inches in thickness. This slim design allows the Element to fit neatly inside any traditional bed frame, effectively transforming any standard mattress into an adjustable bed. Though small in size, the Element boasts a number of powerful features including head and foot controls, Zero G and Flat Presets, USB charging and a wireless remote. Thanks to the Zero Standby Power System, the base consumes less than one watt of energy when not in use - while the Power Outage Protection allows the base to be returned to the flat position in the event of a power outage. This feature-filled product is an ideal add-on for furniture stores especially, as it can be seamlessly integrated into any frame or bedroom set — giving them the opportunity to boost their profits without overhauling their showroom floors.



The word “technology” likely brings to mind a blinking gadget or beeping device. But this narrow definition overlooks the monumental breakthroughs that are occurring in technical textiles. At the forefront of this new era of fabric technology stands PureCare. With a deep commitment to health and wellness at the core of its business philosophy, PureCare continues to push the boundaries of performance materials.

While PureCare’s proprietary FRíO rapid cooling products propelled it into the spotlight of advanced fabric technology, its use of Celliant technology has been drawing attention recently. Late last year, the FDA determined that Celliant can be regulated as both a “medical device” and a “general wellness product.” It is precisely for these targeted wellness benefits – increased blood flow to the site of application to improve performance and speed recovery – that PureCare created its Celliant line in the first place. This official recognition lends an extra layer of credibility to its claims and provides an engaging talking point for retailers.

Ever inventive, PureCare has continued to update its product assortment, releasing fresh, multi-faceted textiles like its paraffin-based TempSync fibers for thermoregulation or ReversaTemp protectors that not only cool, but also use exclusive insulating Heatstar fibers to warm. Though the science behind these technologies may be complex, the benefits are both tangible and immediate. By assorting these technologies into “bed collections” comprised of various pillows, protectors and sheets all powered by a specific technical textile, PureCare supplies retailers with a clearly communicated story that simplifies the shopping experience.



Already known for its rest and recovery products, Protect-A-Bed has also been working on making a name for itself as a sleep technology company with its REM-Fit brand. The company first appeared on the technology scene with the debut of its REM-Active wearable activity/sleep tracking device and from there added its nonwearable REM-Fit Sleep Monitor. Last year, though, REM-Fit hit the tech sector in a big way with its ZEEQ smart pillow. Since its whirlwind Kickstarter campaign in which the company raised over 800% of its targeted funding in just 16 hours, the ZEEQ has taken the world by storm, receiving a 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Honor as well as earning a Silver at the 2017 International Design Awards. Most recently REM-Fit has announced its partnership with leading neuroscientists at the non-profit Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix, Arizona, to merge DNA analysis with sleep quantitation driven by data from ZEEQ.

What takes ZEEQ above and beyond simple pillow status is the bevy of tech sandwiched between two layers of comfort foam and fill. Housed in its own foam cocoon at the center of the pillow is the nexus of ZEEQ’s electronic expertise: eight precision placed wireless speakers, a decibel-tuned microphone for monitoring snoring, two adjustable vibration motors that gently wake the sleeper, a three-axis gyroscope for tracking sleep movement and binaural audio wave technology to promote restful sleep. With its companion app, ZEEQ can play music, capture sleep data, gently correct snoring and wake sleepers at a targeted time by ascertaining the optimum point in a sleep cycle for waking. Designed specifically to communicate with other smart products in the home –  like Alexa –  ZEEQ can also integrate with IFTTT technology for next level automation.



While designed with athletes and their particular recovery requirements in mind, Responsive Surface Technology’s ReST bed can benefit everyone – from those who suffer from physical pain (such as back or neck pain) to the average sleeper who is on the hunt for the ultimate, personalized sleep experience. Customization is a key component in achieving truly restorative sleep and ReST certainly delivers. With five independently configurable zones (head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs) on each side of queen and king size models, ReST provides endless combinations of customized support. But what enables ReST to really meet the needs of nearly every sleeper is the combination of customization and innovative technology; specifically, automated technology. Using patented pressure-sensitive fabric to monitor each sleeper’s unique shape, size and pressure points, ReST sends this information to the ultra-quiet air pumps beneath the bed, which automatically and continuously adjusts the bed’s firmness level to each sleeper’s current support needs. Capturing an abundance of metrics – from movement, breathing and heart-rate to the nearly 2,000 pressure points on the body – ReST analyzes this information and offers suggestions for sleep and total health improvement. Via the ReSTdash app, sleepers can manage their sleeping profiles and examine their sleep data. To further increase ReST’s versatility, on-board WiFi enables ReST to connect with both current and future smart home technologies.

Developed to be the “ultimate smart bed,” ReST equips retailers with state-of-the art technology that appeals to early-adopters and provides consumers with an unparalleled sleep solution. Moving far beyond simple sleep tracking, ReST’s advanced automation stands out in today’s bedding market, giving us a peek at what the future holds for sleep.


Learn more about these companies, and many more, in the Winter Issue of Sleep Retailer


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