About Snap Finance

Snap Finance is changing the face and pace of lease-to-own financing with easy, fast and straightforward solutions. The company prides itself on delivering the level of integrity and trans­parency that retailers and their customers deserve by following these principles and best practices:

  • Disclosing terms, fees and costs upfront
  • Ensuring every customer understands the financing product before signing their agreement
  • Educating and certifying all Snap Partners in lease-to-own best practices and policies

Snap’s proprietary decisioning platform delivers an application approval rate of up to 80%. In 2020, the company approved and served over three million customers, gener­ating $1.5 billion in incremental sales for its partners across the country.

Snap Partners also benefit from its free mar­keting program, EDGE, which delivers custom­ers to their store pre-approved and ready to shop. Together with the company’s ecommerce financing solutions, retailers can boost their om­nichannel presence with minimal investment.

“Since we started offering Snap, the first year we saw an increase of a little over 30%. So if you think about the amount that you sold last. Year, and you can add 30% to that, it’s a smart decision. They make. It easy for your customer [and] they also give me leads.” —Nicholas D., Dover’s Mattress, Birmingham, AL


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