Sleep & Beyond Unveils Three New All-Natural Top-of-Bed Products


Sleep & Beyond is set to unveil three innovative sleep accessory offerings at the upcoming summer Las Vegas Market. Among these releases are the myWoolly Latex Toppers, the myTraining Pillow, and the Steel Grey organic sheet set, all of which exemplify Sleep & Beyond’s dedication to providing top-tier, eco-friendly sleep solutions.

The myWoolly Latex Toppers, crafted from nature's finest fibers, cater to individuals seeking comfort without compromising on health considerations such as chemical sensitivities or allergies. Featuring a three-inch design encased in natural cotton, these toppers boast a unique composition of 100% washable wool batting, pure latex noodles, and washable woolly puffs. The inclusion of premium Shropshire wool ensures resilience and even weight distribution, effectively alleviating pressure points while promoting breathability and moisture control without the use of chemicals.

Additionally, Sleep & Beyond introduces the myTraining Pillow, a collaborative effort with healthcare professionals tailored to address neck and shoulder ailments. This adjustable wool pillow provides gentle yet firm support to maintain spinal alignment, aiding in tension relief during sleep. Customizable firmness levels accommodate individual preferences by allowing users to adjust the loft through wool puff removal.

Lastly, the Steel Grey certified organic sheet set epitomizes luxury and sustainability, mirroring the quality found in renowned five-star hotels. Crafted from premium organic cotton free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, these sheets ensure breathability, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. Packaged in reusable and biodegradable cotton, each set embodies Sleep & Beyond’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices.


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