Companies To Watch: Your Guide To 2017

March 10, 2024

Tips For Retail Success From 25 Leading Bedding Manufacturers

Every year, the editors of Sleep Retailer compile a list of innovative bedding manufacturers that are poised for retail success in the coming year. Whether longtime industry veterans or emerging disrupters, all of these brands offer unique and valuable benefits to help retailers boost their sales. Here are 25 companies you should be paying attention to in 2017.  


Get the most out of your adjustable programs.

“If you don’t show it, you can’t sell it, which means you are losing more than $1,000 per ticket. Make the adjustable base part of every mattress presentation, not an afterthought.”

Putting forth that “a great bed is more than just a mattress,” Reverie has changed the conversation around marketing adjustable bases. While the company offers and promotes a broad spectrum of mattresses featuring its exclusive DreamCell technology as well as innovative adjustable bases for every budget and every body, the company’s main thrust is the synergy between the two that results in optimal sleep. The sleep system starts with any one of Reverie’s patented DreamCell mattresses, allowing for absolute, continued customization that can be adjusted as a consumer’s needs change over time, thanks to the revolutionary foam DreamCell springs that can be easily reconfigured. The second ingredient is a Reverie adjustable base upping the personalization factor due to infinite head and foot movement as well as adding a wealth of luxury amenities like massage, under-bed lighting and iOS app integration. Rounding out the recipe for perfect sleep are numerous accessories from pillow and linens to hi-tech gadget add-ons. By focusing on the quality of sleep that comes from the marriage of all of these components, Reverie has taken the adjustable base from being “just” an accessory to becoming an essential part of an overall system.

Always show the adjustable foundation. Ideally, you have one under every single mattress on your floor. If you don’t show it, you can’t sell it, which means you are losing more than $1,000 per ticket. Make the adjustable base part of every mattress presentation, not an afterthought. Let the customer experience Zero Gravity and massage, and help them visualize how the product would personally benefit them daily. At the end of the presentation, make sure the customer stays on the bed until they are flat, to demonstrate how boring and uncomfortable life is without adjustability. Here are a few questions to help fuel the conversation: How many pillows do you currently use? What do you do in bed (work, read, watch TV, etc.)? Are you on the same bed schedule as your partner? What are your health issues (back pain, neck pain, acid reflux, snoring, etc.)?” –Martin Rawls-Meehan, Reverie President and CEO

Classic Brands

Leverage turnkey e-commerce solutions.

In an industry that has been slow to adapt to the new digital landscape, Classic Brands stands out as a longtime leader in the e-commerce market. The company’s online expertise has become an invaluable resource for retailers of all kinds. While brick-and-mortar retail has struggled in recent years, the e-commerce market has continued to grow at an exponential rate. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that non-store sales will grow by 8-12% in 2017—compared to the 3.7-4.2% growth predicted for the retail industry as a whole. As the buzz around direct-to-consumer mattress brands endures, traditional bedding retailers can no longer afford to avoid the online marketplace. With an extensive portfolio of value-oriented mattress offerings, Classic Brands boasts the inventory, digital assets and operational bandwidth to support retailers selling online. 


Develop customized accessories program that work.

“Take the time to engage and collaborate regarding culture, merchandizing, sales process and RSA compensation. From there, we execute the plan, manage, monitor and adjust the program to further enhance its potential.”

PureCare offers a successful top-of-bed business centered on a clear mission of delivering health and wellness solutions. By offering a wide range of unique bedding accessories and advanced technical textiles, PureCare helps retailers fit their customers with the right product for their needs—whether it’s the thermo-regulating properties of the new Body Chemistry pillow, the nourishing antioxident-filled SeaCell sheet set or the full suite of Frio-based cooling accessories. In order to ensure this level of personalization, PureCare goes above and beyond simply providing retailers with high-quality products. The company works closely with each retail partner to develop a customized program that best supports and accommodates their specific company culture, selling strategy and overall environment. For PureCare, collaboration is not just an internal priority—it’s the key to driving retail sales.

“At PureCare we believe taking the time to offer deep customization of each retailer’s sleep essentials program is imperative to its success. We take the time to engage and collaborate regarding culture, merchandizing, sales process, and RSA compensation to ensure that we understand the opportunities, and move the needle for the retailer. From there we introduce numerous options for retailers to choose from, including merchandising and private labeling, fixture and signage customization, training, sales process and sales support customization. By doing this, we know that all efforts between the us and the retailer are aligned and compliment each other for the best opportunity for success. From there, we execute our plan, manage, monitor and adjust our program to further enhance its potential. There is no silver bullet. No set program will work for everyone – and as a result – we use our company’s countless years of retail experience to assist the retailer in achieving their goals.” – Sean Bergman, PureCare Chief Marketing Officer

Therapedic International

Make each mattress collection stand out.

Assuming the role of the “#1 Brand Alternative,” Therapedic offers the manufacturing capacity and brand recognition of the big-name mattress companies and the craftsmanship and customer service of smaller brands. Across a wide range of specialty mattress options, Therapedic delivers fashion-forward styling and creative detailing to ensure that each bed stands out on the retail floor. By appealing to the eye first, each Therapedic mattress is designed to immediately draw the customer in—and then deliver on the promise of superior comfort and support. All of the company’s offerings are equipped with unique features that enhance the sleep experience, such the HourGlass Back Support, Floating Memory Foam and/or the Quantum Combizone support unit. Through eye-catching styling and exclusive technologies, Therapedic has leveraged the power of differentiation to deliver higher sales.

Blu Sleep

Streamline your mattress offerings.

When it comes to maximizing sales, finding the right balance of product choice and personalization is key. Blu Sleep has found the sweet spot in recent years, strategically streamlining its mattress portfolio to offer maximum retail success. While the company offers six different mattress collections, Blu Sleep focused primarily on two of the most successful lines at the Winter Las Vegas Market. Both the Loft and the Nubia collections are made with individually zoned foam “Air Pods,” which conform to the contours of the body. This innovative technology delivers optimum orthopedic support that eliminates pressure points and motion transfer, while the single-piece construction offers added durability and surface geometry increases comfort and airflow. With the Loft collection serving as the introductory model, the higher-end Nubia collection builds upon this design with an additional center rubber layer, cooling air-flow ventilation channels and a top layer of water-expanded, quick-recover memory foam. The Nubia not only offers enhanced comfort, support and durability—it works in concert with the Loft to create a valuable step-up story for the retail floor. To further simplify the selling strategy, both models are available with two different comfort options: plush or firm. By strategically limiting the number of choices to a few select feature enhancements, Blu Sleep offers easy-to-understand differentiation while still delivering personalized, contouring comfort.


Connect with today’s organic consumer.

“By offering the choice to sleep organic, retailers provide an important choice to a growing segment of buyers who favor quality, purity and authenticity over price.”

Founded on the basis that organic is “safer, naturally,” Organic Mattresses Inc. (OMI) has long been an industry leader in organic bedding. Staying away from ambiguous terms such as “green,” “natural” and “eco-friendly” that often have no way of being verified, OMI is a staunch supporter of third-party certification. As listed in the company’s respected Purity Guarantee, OMI certifications include the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as the prestigious UL/Greenguard Gold certification for product emissions. To further grow the organic market, OMI is directing much of its marketing budget to target millennials. According to a recent survey conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), more than half of organic consumers are millennials, who lead both Generation Xers and baby boomers in their penchant for buying. And with an expansive array of organic mattresses running the gamut from velocity-priced to luxury, OMI is uniquely positioned to deliver.

“Successful OMI retailers understand that by offering organic mattresses to potential customers, they increase their chances of a sale. Don’t focus on how low you can buy but rather on how much you can sell, how differentiated your products are and whether or not those differentiated products meet the needs of consumers shopping at your retail locations. Organic is authentic and, for most consumers in the U.S., is synonymous with purity, quality and wellness. With six in 10 U.S. shoppers favoring organic over conventional, and 84 percent of U.S. households incorporating organic products into their homes, organic-minded buyers represent a large percentage of consumers with a very specific affinity. By offering the choice to sleep organic to these consumers, OMI retailers provide an important choice to a growing (and underserved) segment of buyers who favor quality, purity and authenticity over price.” –Jeff Bader, OMI CEO


Don’t just sell a product – sell a lifestyle.

Centering its brand imaging on the idea of recovery, Bedgear has taken a different approach to marketing than most traditional bedding manufacturers. Rather than simply promoting the function of each product and how it best delivers sleep, Bedgear takes a larger view, highlighting that its products – in concert with each other – support a healthy, active lifestyle. With the philosophy of “Sleep Fuels Everything,” Bedgear reinforces the idea that in order for consumers to get the most out of each day, they first need to have deeply restorative sleep at night. Using high-tech performance materials to support this goal, Bedgear’s products have a sporty aesthetic that is reflected in packaging and in-store displays, nicely corresponding to the company’s many partnerships with sports teams and athlete ambassadors. 


Fit your customers to the right bed for their needs.

“Through the bedMATCH system, consumers can be assured that they’ve been fitted with the right bed with the right support to deliver the best night’s sleep possible.”

The mattress industry has long been plagued by a longstanding “race to the bottom” when it comes to pricing. Not only has this approach been an ongoing challenge for retailers, it is a major disservice to consumers. For people who struggle to get a good night sleep, the misinformation around mattress quality, value and price makes it all the more challenging for them to find real solutions. Bolstered by extensive research and testing, Kingsdown is committed to combating this issue. The company’s Sleep To Live Institute is home to an unmatched database of sleep science data, which not only helps inform the design of each Kingsdown mattress—but also allows the company to extend its know-how to its retail partners. In addition to offering educational resources, Kingsdown recently unveiled its Body Science in-store diagnostic program, which makes it easy for RSAs to guide their customers to the mattresses that will deliver the right level of support for their needs. By grounding the sales process in a scientific research, retailers can offer a more objective recommendation—creating a level of trust that was often missing from the mattress buying process. 

“Being different from your competition is imperative in today’s retail environment. Many mattress retailers are selling based on comfort, and comfort is a personal preference versus proper support, which is measured scientifically and empirically. Be different, and sell better sleep and better health by placing consumers on the mattress that represents the best support for each individual. That can be done scientifically. With bedMATCH a consumer can enter a store, answer a few questions concerning aches, pains and age; lie down on a test mattress for a few minutes and be scientifically measured and fitted to the mattress that represents the right support for them. The program is agnostic meaning that it works with Kingsdown mattresses, but it also works across all mattresses on a retailer’s floor. Through the bedMATCH system, consumers can be assured that they’ve been fitted with the right bed with the right support to deliver the best night’s sleep possible.” -Kevin Damewood, Kingsdown Executive VP of Sales and Marketing


Launch a successful rebranding strategy.

At the Winter Las Vegas Market, Sealy unveiled a major update to its extensive mattress portfolio. With each mattress now singularly branded under the “Sealy” brand, the company maintained the “Posturepedic” name as it pertains to the exclusive back support technology. In developing this rebranding strategy, Sealy first did extensive consumer research. The company took a closer look at the awareness and perception of its brand names and attributes to gain a greater understanding of what was most meaningful to consumers. Alongside the new branding, Sealy also debuted a refreshed labeling program that was designed to more effectively communicate the mattress features and benefits. Using simple graphic icons, the new labels make it easy for consumers to understand and compare the different Sealy mattresses. The success of this strategy comes from Sealy’s consumer-focused approach. In order to most effectively rebrand, it’s necessary for companies to first take stock of their current business model and invest in researching what resonates with their customers.

Bedding Industries of America

Expect more from your mattress suppliers.

With a wide network of veteran licensees both domestically and throughout the world, Bedding Industries of America (BIA) is able to offer retailers a higher level of support. The company has a growing roster of over 15 factories in the United States, each of which is a highly successful operation that is able to provide the retailer with everything they need: a variety of unique products lines that range from promotional price points all the way up to high-end specialty lines. Backed by a portfolio of patented technologies and recognizable brand names such as Eclipse International and Eastman House, BIA is able to offer retailers a winning combination of local and nationwide support—providing superior customer service and quality control alongside key market differentiation and robust marketing support. Additionally, the parent company affords all of its licensee partners the freedom to tailor the collection specs to their own individual markets—providing retailers with truly unique products that are designed for their needs. At the Winter Las Vegas Market, the company unveiled the new Sol Collection under the Eclipse International brand name. This three-model hybrid collection is a new take on the bed-in-a-box market, made from ultra-premium components and touting an upscale, contemporary look. By blending traditional craftsmanship, patented features and high margins with truly of-the-moment trends, BIA provides retailers with the resources and support they need to compete in today’s market.  

Colonial LLC


Use market research to sell more beds.

“Take some of the guesswork out of the custom design process. Research can be expensive but we feel it’s a worthwhile investment that pays dividends in higher sales for our clients.”

Since 1982, Colonial LLC has been helping its clients raise their brand awareness, elevate their value perception and increase their sales. Using a data-driven approach to branding and top-of-bed displays, the company continues to help retailers design successful in-store marketing strategies that are backed by verifiable statistics. While flashy technologies and trends can be tempting, Colonial operates under the belief that it’s more important to understand what matters to the consumer. The company launched a two-part quantitative and qualitative consumer research study that explored each step of the mattress purchasing process from pre-sale planning to in-store point-of-sale. Working with a professional third-party research firm and qualified study participants, Colonial gathered valuable insights about how people shop for mattresses: what they’re looking for, what catches their eye, what indicates higher value. Combining these findings with the company’s own expertise, the company developed its “Colonial Rules” program to help retailers sell more, better beds.

“For some mattress companies, top of bed displays are simply an expensive way to keep beds clean. For others, they are an important investment in marketing their beds to consumers. At Colonial, our goal is to help our clients use their investment, wisely, to sell more beds. We use research to help take some of the guesswork out of our custom design process. While TOB displays must always increase the appeal of beds they are designed for, we have learned that some designs will help sell more beds than others. We have seen how fabrics, colors and textures can impact the perceived quality and appeal of a mattress. While research has helped us add feature, benefit and spec information in ways that helps the RSA close more sales at retail. Research can be expensive but we feel it’s a worthwhile investment that pays dividends in higher sales for our clients.” – Mark Hobson, Colonial President


Communicate key product features in-store.

In today’s technical bedding landscape, it’s easy for consumers to become overwhelmed with the variety of health and wellness benefits being offered. One of the very best ways to capture a customer’s attention is to allow them to engage with the product themselves. Malouf has used this approach to great success with the launch of its revolutionary CarbonCool + Ominphase pillow. Merging the proprietary Omniphase phase change material with graphite’s inherent thermoregulation properties, Malouf’s new pillow delivers coolness at the first touch – and stays cool all night long. By providing in-store samples for consumers to handle, Malouf makes it easier for people to better understand the claims being made. The company further underscored the product benefits at the Winter Las Vegas Market, using thermal-imaging devices to visibly highlight the temperature difference between conventional foam and the proprietary CarbonCool memory foam. By providing these physical touch-points, Malouf reinforces the old adage that seeing – and feeling – is believing.

Sleep & Beyond

Tell a better story.

Founded by brothers Sarvár Abdullaev and Sardór Azimovich who had a dream to bring their family’s Merino wool expertise to a broader audience, Sleep & Beyond hasn’t diverged much from its roots in the mountainous lands of the Kyrgyz Republic. Committed to fair trade labor practices and embracing a global, sustainable business model, Sleep & Beyond is passionate about its products and how they are made. The company takes pride in its sourcing, selecting only what it considers to be the purest organic Merino wool, finest Shropshire wool and quality organic and natural cotton. Central to the company’s mission statement is its connection to the materials used, proudly highlighting that the company itself raises the Merino sheep whose wool is used in its myMerino items. By connecting the product to a larger story, Sleep & Beyond captures consumers’ interest, and encourages a greater appreciation for the journey that the materials had to take to become the high-quality product in their hands.


Embrace the benefits of online reviews.

“Our consumers are using their phones to research mattress brands (and the reviews surrounding them) at home and in the store. But many RSA’s aren’t. So how can you bridge this gap in your store? Encourage after-purchase reviews and make it easy.”

In today’s digital landscape, it’s important for companies to leverage their online tools. Restonic has been a trailblazer in this regard, actively seeking to engage with consumers via their website and other digital marketing platforms. One area in which the company makes an exceptional effort is with customer feedback in the form of product reviews. While some companies avoid allowing consumers to review product for fear that feedback might be negative, Restonic approaches reviews as not just a learning tool, but also one that can actually improve business. Keeping this line of communication open, Restonic can directly engage with customers and use their responses when designing future products. Restonic encourages their retail partners to do the same, asserting that by making the review-leaving transaction easy and seamless, stores can reap the benefits of capturing valuable information and providing what has become an integral part of the product research process for many consumers.

Unless you live under a rock, you know how important online reviews have become in recent years. But how are consumers using them and can they really make or break a sale? According to a recent Progressive Media survey of 750 female consumers, 82% consult reviews when shopping for a mattress. Our consumers are using their phones to research mattress brands (and the reviews surrounding them) at home and in the store. But many RSA’s aren’t. So how can you bridge this gap in your store? Encourage your sales force to connect with consumers through text messaging—you can download text-based apps to help them sort, store and message their clients (Capture and Groups are two effective apps for SMS sales messages). Encourage after-purchase reviews and make it easy. At Restonic, we use Yotpo, which allows consumers to write a review direct from their email after they register their warranty.” – Julia Rosien, Restonic Brand Director


Support your RSAs with more dedicated training.

Protect-A-Bed understands that the success of any product in a retail environment is in large part due to the retail sales associates that are right there at the front lines. To that end, the company has had a longstanding commitment to support RSAs through various training programs and campaigns. By aligning goals and training approaches with that of their retail partners, the training team is able to develop and deliver materials and education that are customized to each store’s specific needs. The company’s online Protect-A-Bed University augments and grows this teaching service, expanding access globally and providing interactive training modules tailored to each retail customer. From strategic planning sessions and product launches to one-on-one store support and cutting edge e-learning tailored to each business, Protect-A-Bed’s training department is all about execution that delivers results. 

Boyd Specialty Sleep

Stand out from your competitors.

Boyd Specialty Sleep has designed its comprehensive product portfolio to help retail stores stand out from their competition—whether faced with the growing number of online-only brand or competing with the sleep shop down the street. Boyd has long prioritized the retail store, developing products and programs that protect margins and offer valuable differentiation. Since partnering with Heritage Home Group, the company has created an array of feature-filled mattresses under widely known furniture brand names, including Broyhill and Thomasville. With all-foam and innerspring mattresses that range from $189 to $3,999 in queen, Boyd offers meaningful innovation at any price point—including advanced comfort and support features, exclusive technologies and eye-catching designs. By limiting the distribution of its Broyhill and Thomasville collections to brick-and-mortar stores, Boyd helps independent retailers maintain a more competitive edge—delivering unique selling propositions, approachable price points and nationally-recognized branding in products that can’t be found online. And since every Boyd product can be shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep via UPS, retailers will not only meet consumers’ expectations in terms of quality and price—but convenience as well.



Add meaningful value to each product.

“The wealth of features built into adjustable beds offer a variety of value for consumers. Every detail we include in our designs provides tangible benefits that can provide a better night’s sleep.”

Well known for its affordable adjustable bases, Customatic knows a thing or two about value. And while pricing is certainly an important piece of that puzzle, Customatic understands that  – as the saying goes – “the devil is in the details.” Outfitting its robust assortment of bases with numerous amenities like under-bed lighting, on board outlets, available sound machine and massage options as well as an attention to aesthetics, Customatic enhances the adjustable experience without a retail price hike. The company also works hard to create solution-based designs that bring increased value to potential consumers. Bases like the Hideaway that provide in-bed storage, the Independence that assists those with limited mobility and the easy-ship, one-box Swingflex fill a niche in the adjustable category while also meeting customer needs. This focus on reasonably priced extras in turn benefits Customatic’s retail partners, who are more likely to boost a mattress sale with the addition of a quality, well-appointed, approachably-priced adjustable base.

“The wealth of features built into adjustable beds offer a variety of value for consumers. We develop our add-ons based on the benefit they offer from under-bed lighting to allow for late-night navigation to tastefully incorporated USB outlets for easy charging of tech devices to the massage that allows consumers to unwind and soothe the body after a stressful day. Every detail we include in our designs provides tangible benefits that can provide a better night’s sleep. If someone suffers from sleep apnea or snores, the very nature of an adjustable base’s head-tilt feature can eliminate the problem. The creature comforts help deliver a better night’s sleep by adding to the overall comfort and experience.” –Phil Sherman, Customatic Managing Partner


Stay at the forefront of sleep technology.

In the ever-changing world of sleep technology, it’s vital to be more than a one-trick pony. Sleepace first made its foray into the sleep tracking arena with its non-wearable RestOn device. Using medical grade sensors wrapped in an ultra thin microfiber band that sits beneath the sleeper’s bottom sheet, RestOn measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. Building upon that product’s success, Sleepace then released the Nox smart light – available in its original incarnation as well as a newly introduced blue tooth speaker model – that tracks environmental conditions and uses sound and light to induce both sleep and wakefulness. Nox may be used alone, or in conjunction with RestOn for a comprehensive sleep tracking system. For consumers seeking a more affordable sleep monitor, Sleepace recently rolled out the Sleep Dot, an unassuming mini gadget that simply clips onto the user’s pillow, capturing body movement, sleep cycle and sleep time. All three devices sync with the Sleepace mobile app, which then synthesizes all of the collected data for user review. Using its proprietary technology, Sleepace further expanded its reach within the sleep device segment by collaborating with REM Fit to develop the REM Fit SleepSmart sleep monitor. Merging design, science and technology with a constantly evolving product line, Sleepace continues to strengthen its position as a leading sleep solutions provider.


Expand your vision and scope.

Offering private label programs and branded products for over 25 years, HomTex has become a leading innovator and trusted partner in the global textiles industry through competitive prices and exceptional value. Over time, the company has expanded its scope to include a larger range of branded sleep products—most recently, adding the new Dream Living brand to its portfolio. Like all of HomTex’s branded collections, the DreamLiving collection touts its own exclusive mission while each product offers a “unique reason for being.” The brand has been carefully curated to deliver “everyday luxury and innovation”—offering a comprehensive collection of high-quality bedding essentials at approachable price points. With a stylish look and durable materials, this timeless line-up includes a variety of sheet, duvet and pillow options. Because each product has been designed to complement one another, HomTex has not only created a sense of continuity throughout the collection but offers retailers endless sales opportunities as well. DreamLiving serves as a perfect example of how to successfully expand into new categories: by setting specific brand goals that are in line with your operational capacity. HomTex has expanded its manufacturing capabilities, acquiring new facilities in the Southeast United States, which has allowed the company to develop such a robust line-up without scarifying any of the quality or durability for which its known. By leveraging its long history and experience and recognizing where they had room to grow, HomTex has developed a new brand that delivers incremental sales and margins for retailers.

Wright Global Graphics

 Tailor point-of-sale materials to your needs.

Quality in-store displays are an essential aspect of every retail store—no matter your product assortment, customer base or price point. From big-ticket signage to the smallest label, every point-of-sale detail contributes to the overall in-store shopping experience. Wright Global Graphics (WGG) understands that, when it comes to display materials, every retailer has its own set of unique needs—but each is looking for high-quality printing and reliable service. WGG makes it easy to tailor POS products to your needs, customizing the look and layout of a wide range of key elements. The company recently unveiled the Marketplace, a new e-commerce platform that offers 24/7 access for retailers looking to order customized labels. This easy-to-use portal allows users to custom-build the look and feel of these displays on their own. With fast shipping and low-minimum orders, this automated process was designed to take the stress out of ordering new labels, which allows retailers to spend more time thinking about larger, customized signage displays. Coupled with its Showroom Solutions Express program, WGG is giving retailers the freedom to customize high quality point-of-displays based on what works for their store. By understanding the issues facing retail today, the company is able to meet their customers where they are—and help them create the displays that will bring them to where they want to be. Whether looking to boost sales, streamline the look of their store or simplify the process of designing and ordering point-of-sale materials, Wright Global Graphics has a solution that will work for you.


Offer something truly different.

“Organic is the cherry on top for the customer who demands a healthier home product.”

While organic mattresses are the core of its business, Naturepedic doesn’t just stop there. Rather, the company has created a comprehensive suite of numerous organic add-ons that all serve its third-party-certified beds. Pillows, protectors, linens and toppers add increased customer value while Naturepedic’s impressive organic kids and baby lines support an underrepresented category in the industry. Even within its organic mattress collection, Naturepedic offers differentiation through innovative design, with several of its top mattresses like the Luxury and EOS series promoting advanced customization in addition to healthful sleep. This diversified approach to assortment building allows for consumers to outfit their –or their children’s – bedrooms entirely with Naturepedic’s family-friendly products, elevating Naturepedic as a one-stop shop of the organic world.

“Today’s consumers are shopping smarter and demanding safer products; Naturepedic allows mainstream retailers to offer organic solutions to these discerning customers who want a mattress made without harmful chemicals. Our mattresses are made to be comfortable, luxurious and long-lasting – organic is the cherry on top for the customer who demands a healthier home product.”  – Barry Cik, Naturepedic Founder


Give your customers more customization options.

As consumers are increasingly seeking more personalized bedding options, experts are predicting that the market for customizable mattresses will continue to grow over the next few years. For retailers who are interested in capitalizing on this growing trend, Spaldin’s new Bespoke Collection may be the answer they’ve been looking for. With a price point that is comparable to a conventional mattress, this new line counters the assumption that customized mattresses are too expensive or too complicated to sell. Made from more than 30 years of in-depth medical research, the Bespoke mattress features a multi-zoned, dual support profile that users can customize themselves. Not only does this allow the end-user to personalize the mattress to their exact preference, it also allows them to reconfigure the comfort and support as their physical needs change over time. This gives retailers the opportunity to offer a new kind of “comfort guarantee”: the confidence in knowing that the mattress can be readapted at any time. In addition to the providing a personalized bedding experience, the Bespoke Collection also offers a unique stocking and flooring solution for retailers. By delivering such a wide range of different configurations within one product, the retailer is able to maximize its comfort and support offerings without taking up more space on the showroom floor. For brick-and-mortar retailers, Spaldin helps take the guesswork out of selling customization with its in-store “mattress simulator” tool. This advanced technology not only scans the customer’s body to determine the best support profile for their needs—it also automatically contours itself to that profile so that the customers can experience the exact feel of that mattress configuration before they buy it. With Spaldin’s Bespoke Collection, retailers can more easily offer their customers the customization they’re looking for.

Spring Air

Keep up with the latest fashion trends.

“Today’s shoppers don’t necessarily want to buy a mattress—they want to buy ‘a piece of furniture they can sleep on.’”

Spring Air is no stranger to looking outside the bedding world for aesthetic inspiration. When the company rolled out its 90th Anniversary Collection in early 2016, the six-model line-up reflected the celebratory milestone, clad in elegant high-contrast black, silver and white reminiscent of a tuxedo. Concurrently, Spring Air redesigned its iconic Chattam & Wells brand, exploring the idea of “luxury” across cultures and industries while specifically paying attention to style-trends embraced by affluent female consumers. The resulting assortment is dressed in what has become Chattam & Wells’ signature palette of muted taupes, grays, silvers and ivories combined with rich, contemporary upholstery fabrics, all of which highlight the brand’s sophisticated brushed steel label at the foot of each bed. When it came to updating its Back Supporter and Sleep Sense line-ups at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Spring Air took a similar approach—turning to leading fashion and home décor trends for inspiration. The company worked with leading designers to create “mood boards” that were then tested in consumer focus groups. The end result was a dramatic new look for two of its most popular mattress lines. Combining highly textured furniture fabrics in tan and taupe tones, the high-end Back Supporter Elite collection is dressed in open-and-closed patterned fabrics, complementary colors and a foundation upholstered in a textured charcoal-hued fabric. For Sleep Sense, the company utilized a variety of textured upholstery fabrics in blue and tan tones to reflect relaxing beach scenes and fresh sea breezes. These simple-yet-striking design choices lend a more modern, refined look to the mattresses—creating a distinct look that will feel right at home alongside the latest furniture trends.

“Based on research we’d conducted with target bedding consumers plus input from fashion designers, we’ve learned that today’s shoppers don’t necessarily want to buy a mattress—they want to buy ‘a piece of furniture they can sleep on.’  They want similar colors, textures and looks that are trending in the apparel and upholstery categories. We adopted that philosophy in redesigning all three of our flagship Spring Air Back Supporter lines for the 2017 winter market. Our collections reflected the various shades of grays and taupes that are popular today, mixed with a number of complementary textures in the mattress top and side panels.  We even adopted a style of hang tag that high-end clothiers use for their products.” -Nick Bates, Spring Air President

Pleasant Mattress

Think outside of the box.

As consumer shopping habits continue to change, it’s increasingly important for bedding retailers to adjust to the times. While many companies have struggled in recent years to find the right balance of tradition and innovation, Pleasant Mattress stands out as a company of creating thinkers. After years of working in the tech industry, company CEO Rion Morgenstern brings a fresh perspective to the bedding industry. In taking over the reigns of the third-generation family business, he has carefully reinvented the brand—introducing a new strategic approach that prioritizes thinking outside the box when it comes to product development and branding. Since launching the MAXX Collection last year, the company has taken cues from other industries to improve upon the original engineering—creating new iterations based on feedback from retailers and dealers. Most significantly, it has put its own unique spin on the marketing of the heavy-duty mattress line. In addition to eye-catching aesthetics, the company crafted sleek letterpress hang-tags inspired by the men’s fashion industry and a branded protective bag reminiscent of those used by high-end shoe or purse supplies. Additionally, Pleasant is leveraging the power of digital media with a consumer-friendly microsite designed exclusively for the collection. The dedicated website is designed to boost the web presence of the brand, helping retailers boost sales by offering a more dynamic look at the new line-up. In addition to housing in-depth videos and an engaging blog platform, the site also directs consumers to the company’s retail partners. Finally, the company has also taken a new approach to the classic “open house” concept by introducing the MAXX collection at a Hollywood-style premiere event. Held in a movie production studio, this two-day event featured an array of festivities inspired by classic movie premieres. Backed by a long tradition of quality craftsmanship and bolstered by forward-thinking innovation, Pleasant Mattress is a prime example of the benefits of looking outside the bubble of the mattress industry for new ways to connect with today’s consumers.

Talalay Global

Educate customers about new materials.

“We’ll be communicating a lot more about our unique technology through new marketing initiatives aimed at helping retailers with the dialogue of assisting their customers in the journey to a better night’s sleep.”

Two years ago, when Latex International rebranded itself as Talalay Global to better reflect its commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality Talalay latex, the company needed to rethink how best to communicate its mission statement to consumers. The new tagline of “Purely the Best” both reinforces the purity of the company’s product as well as its unique position as the only American manufacturer of Talalay latex. Unveiling a new website consistent with its message, Talalay Global uses customer-friendly language, straightforward icons and even engaging videos to clearly explain both the beneifts of Talalay latex as well as its manufacturing process. Featuring a clean, uncluttered design, the website emphasizes Talalay’s wellness properties through nature imagery, and delivers consumer-relevant information in easy-to-read, concise writing. By working to excite, engage and educate consumers, Talalay Global is committed to generating awareness of the unique benefits of Talalay products—which helps drive more customers to its retail partners. 

“Industry insiders know our Talalay support material is unique in terms of its buoyant support, breathable comfort and healthful attributes. When you lie down on a mattress built with Talalay, there’s a moment of discovery and recognition that this is how a mattress should feel. On the consumer side, however, we’re continually faced with the challenge of being a critical but mostly unseen component of premium mattresses on the market. Our mission in 2017 is to educate and energize consumers about the exclusive attributes of Talalay. We’ll be communicating a lot more about our unique technology through new marketing initiatives aimed at helping retailers with the dialogue of assisting their customers in the journey to a better night’s sleep and a more energized lifestyle. It’s going to be an exciting year as this ‘best kept secret’ gets out to more consumers!” -Kim Fisher, Talalay Global President and COO