New Three Happy Coconuts Collection Brings Healthy, Comfortable Sleep to All Ages

Palmpring’s new Three Happy Coconuts collection aims to introduce quality organic products to the children’s bedding category. Palmpring CEO Camilla Kim developed the line-up out of concern for her two young daughters’ health, and her strong belief that they should not be at risk while sleeping. Using all organic components within its plush mattresses, pillow toppers and pillows, this new collection represents the company’s key values of family, comfort, and safety.

“Sleep is the most precious moment of each child’s day,” Kim explained, “and every minute of it should be spent sleeping on chemical-free materials.”

Palmpring derives its 100% natural latex from organic rubber trees in India, where the natural rubber is extracted over a period of months and is then transformed into high-density foam using natural resin without the use of chemicals. As Kim explained, “the advantage here is that there is no off-gassing from natural latex foam, so no chemicals are being released into the air or touching the body.”

The Three Happy Coconuts collection is comprised of two styles of mattresses, two pillows, one pillow topper, one crib bed and an adjustable bed. Like those of its parent company, all of Three Happy Coconuts products use certified organic materials throughout, not just in the exterior components.

“This means our cotton, wool, natural latex and coconut fibers each have certifications, plus involve sustainable production,” said Kim. “And we do not use any synthetic materials, so there is nothing to fear in regards to toxicity, or metal springs emitting electro magnetic fields.”

The nine-inch Heavenly Sandwich Bed is a plush-comfort mattress that ranges in retail price from $2299 to $4499. Made of two layers of organic latex that “sandwich” one layer of coconut fiber (coir), and the new mattress features a one-inch outer covering made of certified organic cotton with wool. “The coconut fiber provides resilience and absorbs all the shocks, so kids can jump all day and the mattress will always retain its shape,” noted Kim.

The Vanilla Delight is the plushest mattress in the collection, made for the most delicate of bodies and is flexible enough for use with an adjustable bed system. Retailing between $1899 and $3799, it is made of a six-inch thick layer of pure organic latex that is denser than a bath sponge, with a one-inch outer covering made of certified organic cotton with wool. Three Happy Coconuts employs the “ventilation hole” technology established by Palmpring USA so that the body’s weight is distributed evenly across the latex, maintaining the integrity of the spine.

The Caterpillar mattress is especially designed for adjustable beds, featuring a flexible two-inch ribbed coconut layer in between two layers of organic latex. With four inches of latex on one side and two inches on the other, the mattress is made to be flipped—giving the customer the choice of either the soft, plush comfort of latex or the added resiliency and shock absorbency of supportive coir. The mattress rests upon an independent motorized platform that allows the consumer to adjust the elevation of their feet and head via a handheld control.

The Coconut & Cream crib mattress consists of a two-inch layer of pure organic latex and a two-inch layer of organic coconut fiber, topped with a one-inch certified organic cotton and wool exterior cover. The combination of materials offers excellent ventilation, comfort and safety. Hypoallergenic and germ-resistant, this material does not retain heat to keep the body cool.

The Three Happy Coconuts collection also includes a variety of organic bedding accessories to further enhance the sleep environment. Ranging in retail price from $749 to $1399, the More Cream Please is a three-inch pure organic latex removable pillow topper, which sits on top of the mattress for additional comfort and durability. It is also available in pure coconut fiber for added firmness. The company is also introducing two hypoallergenic pillows made of pure organic latex for kids and adults suffering from allergies and asthma, or anyone who needs a chemical-free alternative to traditional cotton or wool pillows. The Happiness and Delight pillows provide excellent head and neck support, while ensuring maximum ventilation with the strategic placement of air holes. Neither pillow retains heat nor moisture, so they remain cool, dry, mold- and bacteria-free even in hot and humid environments.

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