MLILY Opens South Carolina Factory

March 08, 2024

Morre than 200 state, county and local officials joined with customers and suppliers to celebrate the grand opening of mattress manufacturer MLILY USA’s new 650,000-square-foot, U.S. manufacturing facility in South Carolina. MLILY, owned by China-based Healthcare Co., Ltd., has invested nearly $50 million on the factory that produces and distributes mattresses, as well as materials used in making mattresses.

“This is an exciting time for our company as we continue to grow in the United States. Our U.S. customers will now be able to get their products from Winnsboro, made by American workers,” said James Ni, chairman and chief executive officer of Healthcare Co., Ltd., the parent company of MLILY USA. “The investment in this factory allows us to develop and supply MLILY products that appeal to U.S. consumers and provides us with the opportunity to expand our product reach in this country. I’m thankful to our leadership team and employees for the work in getting this plant ready and operational, as well as to the local and state government officials who have welcomed us into the community. We look forward to playing an important role in the community.”

The building and its growing employee base will serve as the company’s foundation as it rolls out its production strategy to supply its retail and OEM customers in North America. The factory, which was dormant for nine years after Guardian Building Products left, will employ more than 250 people. In addition to manufacturing mattresses for retailers in North America, the MLILY factory manufactures springs, proprietary memory foam used it its mattresses.

“The new jobs created here will have a major impact on this community. We’re counting on sleep to be a big industry here,” said South Carolina Commerce Secretary Bobby Hitt. “This is the beginning of what will be a long and prosperous partnership. When companies make such a strong commitment to South Carolina, we will return the favor in supporting hem in any way possible. We’re not just here for the wedding day, but we’re here with you every day to help make you successful.”

The event included combined barbecue and Chinese buffet, to represent the merging of the two cultures. A local ensemble played holiday and country tunes for the gathering. The re-opening of the plant was such an important event for the local economy that WIS-TV, the local NBC affiliate, broadcast live for its 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts.

In addition to the South Carolina factory, MLILY has factories in China, Serbia, Spain and Thailand that produce mattresses, pillows and toppers to retailers across the globe.


About MLILY: MLILY USA is the North American mattress and pillow company of Rugao, China-based Healthcare Co., Ltd. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company’s mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories are all manufactured in state-of-the-art factories located in South Carolina, China, Thailand, Serbia and Spain that span more than 6 million square feet. With products sold worldwide, MLILY also holds a unique global strategic partnership with Manchester United, the leading sports brand and popular soccer team located in the United Kingdom. As part of the partnership, MLILY provides the team’s training complex with mattresses and other sleep products.