iSense Sleep’s New Comfort Control Mattress Line Hits Retail Stores

March 08, 2024

Aiming to hit retail stores just in time for mattress season, iSense recently began shipping its new Comfort Control collection. Beyond providing a line of unique innerspring and foam mattresses with dual-zone, adjustable firmness support systems, the mattress manufacturer also offers retailers an immersive virtual reality experience to illustrate the innerworkings of its product’s construction and technology on the showroom floor.

“It’s a totally new customer experience,” said Don DePaulis, founder of the Orlando-based retail chain, Relax in Comfort. “The entire sales process is energized by the virtual reality demo—a powerful sales tool that does an excellent job of both educating and entertaining the customer with the Comfort Control technology in all three support systems.”

iSense Sleep was developed with the goal of increasing the number of comfort choices consumers can expect from their mattress. By offering a mattress that allows comfort adjustment after-purchase coupled with unparalleled after-sale support, the company aims to help retailers increase average sales per unit and reduce return rates.

iSense is intent on helping consumers find their optimum comfort level through its advanced comfort technology. If after the 120 night trial period the customer remains unsatisfied, they can return the mattress and choose another of equal or greater value.

“The best innovations happen in times of need,” explained Paul Longman, iSense Sleep founder and CEO. “Right now, the mattress industry is at a crossroads and it can choose to spiral further into price wars or brands can elevate themselves and the entire industry through a more robust product offering. The time is right for Comfort Control technology—and forward-thinking retail stores know this.”