Dormeo Octaspring Introduces First Hybrid Collection

March 10, 2024

Under the new leadership of North American Chief Executive Officer Jon Stowe, Dormeo Octaspring is planning to unveil several significant changes at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. In addition its first hybrid col­lection, the company is changing the aes­thetics, feels and merchandising approach. The new models feature sleek design ele­ments, cooling technologies and tout plusher feels to better appeal to the U.S. consumer.

Depending on the comfort feel, Dormeo Dolcé’s five mattresses feature one to three layers of its patented Octaspring technol­ogy using various numbers of support zones and levels of firmness. Each bed is covered with CoolNTech fabric, which uses micro-capsules with cooling phase changed ma­terials, giving it a cool-to-the-touch sensa­tion and includes the company’s signature Eco-cell core for a supportive night’s sleep. The line’s air-mesh side panels allow the honeycombed Octaspring coils to breathe for an added cooling effect. Textured white patterns top the company’s new stylish and contemporary covers, while the side board­ers feature a sleek wave design.

Throughout the collection, layers of Oc­taspring coils and an Eco-Cell core provide pressure relieving support and comfort, in varying thicknesses. The middle layer of the top four models has five ergonomic zones to provide support where the body needs it. Mattresses within Octasprings collection also feature a two-inch top surface layer as well for added comfort.

“Our dealers asked for product with a plusher feel so that was the first enhance­ment we made when we started manufac­turing in Virginia earlier in the year. The Dor­meo Dolcé collection still offers the ultimate support we had before, but we have made the memory foam layers softer in these models for ultimate comfort as well,” said Stowe. “The second big change was the aesthetic updates. We wanted the products to have a sleeker design and look unlike anything else on the market.”

Dormeo Octaspring will also introduce its first hybrid line, Dormeo Sérénité at the up­coming Winter Las Vegas Market. The inno­vative hybrid line will combine the compa­ny’s patented Octaspring technology with the benefits of latex for the ultimate in tem­perature regulation, comfort and support. A company first, Dormeo Sérénité will include sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Two inches of Talalay Latex, covered with an ultra-soft cover, with bamboo ticking, provide a plush feel for this three-bed collection. Each mattress in the series also uses a stylish, sleek white and black color scheme with a textured fabric design and a wave pattern on the board­er. The air-mesh sides allow the honeycombed Octaspring coils to breathe, creating an opti­mal temperature for the sleeper.

“Hybrids are the emerging trend in the bedding industry and since we brought our revolutionary Octspring to market, the logical next step was to create an Octaspring mat­tress that could incorporate other materials to increase its comfort and support and to en­hance the overall quality of sleep consumers will get with our product,” said Stowe.

The Dormeo Sérénité collection includes three models- Dormeo Sérénité, restBED Dormeo Sérénité blissBED and Dormeo Sérénité luxeBED. The 8.5-inch Dormeo Sérénité restBED has one layer of two-inch Octaspring coils and four-inches of the com­pany’s signature Eco-cell core and uses a three zone Octaspring support system. With a profile of 10.5-inches, the Dormeo Séré­nité blissBED features two-layers of two-inch Octaspring coils with differing firmness levels and a four-inch Eco-cell core. The top model, the 12.5-inch Dormeo Sérénité luxeBED includes three layers of three and two-inch Octaspring coils and a three-inch Eco-cell core providing the highest level of pressure relieving comfort. Both beds’ mid­dle layer uses five ergonomic zones of body-supporting Octaspring coils to give the body support where it needs it.