The Super King

Consumers who are looking to customize their sleep experience by adding to their lavish master bedrooms can create lavish mattresses sized to provide more space and more comfort. Luxury manufacturers are pushing the envelope to meet the demand-providing super luxurious, high-end mattresses.

One example is the new “Super King” mattress, which spans 7 feet by 7 feet (or larger), offer more space, comfort and luxury than smaller mattresses. They also retail at higher price points. Each of the companies below offers “Super King” mattresses.

E.S. Kluft & Co.—First introducing its square, 7-by-7 feet, mattress this past January at the Las Vegas Winter Market; more than stylish, the Aireloom King collection offers handcrafted mattresses using the company’s patented fill-box technique, providing superior comfort and minimizing motion transfer. Aireloom King is even available with an adjustable base. The Aireloom King Debut starts at $7,500.

McRoskey Mattress Company—Connecting with the city’s 7-by-7 mile footprint, this San Francisco-based manufacturer unveiled its 7-by-7 foot San Francisco King after receiving repeated requests from consumers for custom-, oversized mattresses. Complete with linens, mattress protector and custom box spring heights available, McRoskey Mattress Company addresses the needs of the customer and maximizes the sales potential for the retailer.

Paramount Mattress Company—With the Boyle Heights/E.L.A King (patent pending) mattress in the works, we are looking forward to its unveiling by Paramount Mattress as it enters Super King category.

VI-Spring—Already a popular size across the pond in Europe, VI-Spring also offers their large, super sized handcrafted mattresses, here in North America. Fully appreciating the wishes and demands of the luxury shopper, all of VI-Spring’s mattresses, handcrafted with all natural materials, can be Super King(ed) in size.

“When selling to the ultra-wealthy, off the rack doesn’t always work,” says one Houston retailer. “We offer the Super King because our customers demand it.”


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