Sleep & Beyond Unveils Three New Top of Bed Products

Sleep & Beyond is launching three new top-of-bed products at the summer Las Vegas Market. The new wool-filled product line includes a mattress protector, comforter and adjustable pillow—all of which are washable.

A unique two-in-one wool-filled mattress protector, the washable myProtector shields mattresses against stains, spills and other accidents. The new myComforter Light is designed to keep sleepers warm in winter and cool in summer with a washable, wool-filled comforter that offers year-round support and convenience. Finally, the myWooly Side Pillow is a curved wool-filled and washable adjustable pillow that provides customized comfort for all sleepers.

Since 1992, Sleep & Beyond has helped customers around the world achieve a healthier sleep by delivering tangible solutions through its natural wool materials and products. Providing unique comfort feels and unparalleled performance, the company’s myMerino and myBedding wool-filled bedding products are made with superior care. 


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