Rize Launches New Catalog

March 08, 2024

 Rize, a leader in bedding and mattress product manufacturing, recently announced the launch of a new catalog with updated pricing to make the ordering process as comfortable as possible. The new catalog combines numerous pieces of information into one place: product details, specifications, shipping information and pricing. 

In addition to displaying information about the products, each category includes a merchandising section. The intended benefit of these product merchandising pages is to provide a clear overview of the curated programs Rize has thoughtfully designed to help drive conversion.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to manage the challenges related to the supply chain,” said Marc Spector, President. “One of the ways we’re making it easier for our customers is to give them a one-stop shop to find all the information they need about us and our products; as well as how to merchandise them. This is something we’ve been asked for, but that not everyone does. We developed this piece to address all those concerns.”

This version of the catalog is meant to help retailers who experience frustration when managing multiple pieces of product data and pricing information by putting it all in a single source. Copies are available digitally and are made for easy use and quick reference. The new catalogue will also be available in a print format.

“We’re exploring new ways of doing things,” said Spector, “and this piece moves us in the right direction. It mitigates some of the hassle while we continue to look for additional options that alleviate the strain of the current environment.”

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About Rize

Rize, a division of Mantua Manufacturing Co., is a family-owned company that has been providing quality bedding products for almost 70 years. The company has grown steadily from their origins as a bed frame manufacturer to become a leader in the bedding industry. Since 1952, they have expanded to offer other steel bed support options, adjustable beds, furniture, mattresses, pillows, and mattress protection. Rize products are in more than 15,000 stores nationwide. They continue to manufacture bed frames from their headquarters and main factory in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Houston, Texas.