Outward Unveils Innovative Features To Its Aperture Platform

Outward, Inc. will unveil a number of new and enhanced features for its Aperture Platform at the summer Las Vegas Market, including new background environments and editing tools.

To expand its functionality, the Aperture Platform now includes an updated tool for masking, the post-processing technique used to isolate different parts of an image. It will also feature new background environments, new perspective control tools and high-resolutions downloads and new batch processing improvements that allow users to update multiple images at the same time. In addition to improved shadow tools, the platform also includes new enhancements to white balance tools, which help control the color tone of the photos and create continuity from image to image. Automatic monthly updates are provided for current users, with additional features and improvements made regularly to improve the existing product experience.

“The Aperture Platform was always designed for continuous improvement and enhancement, so we are excited to be able to incorporate these changes into what we will be showing clients in Las Vegas,” said Gaurav Sethi, co-founder of Outward, Inc. “Product imagery has never been more critical than it is today. It’s imperative for companies to have visuals of their products in order to sell them, and the Aperture Platform makes that quicker and easier to do than any other product out there. The power of our technology is unparalleled, and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to push the platform even further and ultimately bring more value to our customers.”

For more information, visit outwardinc.com.

About Outward, Inc: Outward, Inc. is a visual transformation and technology company. Since 2012, the company has been reinventing the way product photography is created, presented and consumed. Inspired by its deep experience working with home furnishings lifestyle retailers and manufacturers, Outward has developed a fully automated photography solution, the Aperture Platform, which makes it easy to produce and publish high-impact product photography for a variety of visual merchandising uses. After completing an initial training session, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes and skill levels can produce a large volume of product images at the push of a button and publish them in any format — from ecommerce to traditional media. Outward is an independent Williams-Sonoma company.


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