Naturepedic Mattresses Provide Sustainable Foam Alternatives

Mattress delays sweep the nation as manufacturers grapple with massive foam supply-chain shortages. Naturepedic, manufacturer of certified organic, nontoxic mattress and bedding products for babies, kids and adults, is eliminating the wait for US consumers with its natural, certified organic materials, delivering on fast and free shipping.

“Nearly all traditional mattresses today are made with foam as internal filling. With a major shortage in the chemicals used to produce the foam, this is causing massive supply-chain issues, leading to big delays for consumers,” explains Barry A. Cik, Founder and Technical Director at Naturepedic, “At Naturepedic, we choose to source from nature, not chemicals. Instead, we tap into sustainable, safer and healthier materials like certified organic cotton, wool and latex for our mattresses. Because of this, our supply-chain has thankfully experienced no disruptions during these challenging times,” remarks Cik.

Dedicated to organic bedding and mattress manufacturing since 2003, Naturepedic products are made in the US by skilled artisan craftsmen. All Naturepedic products are certified organic by GOTS and certified nontoxic by MADE SAFE, eliminate questionable materials and chemicals found in most conventional mattresses, such as flame retardant chemicals and barriers, polyurethane foam, vinyl and formaldehyde, while meeting and exceeding the highest level of certifications available in the marketplace.

“With materials in traditional mattresses in short supply, our hope is to spread awareness and education on sustainable alternatives, encouraging all to ditch the chemicals in favor of these safer, healthier options,” adds Cik.


About Naturepedic:

Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to protect the lives of families through safer, healthier organic-based products that have a positive impact on the environment. A brand with purpose, transparency and ethical practices, Naturepedic is the recipient of many certifications and is highly respected by numerous health and environmental organizations  and is an EPA Green Power Partner. Since its inception Naturepedic has been a consistent and generous advocate and supporter of NGO’s and nonprofits advocating for “Right to Know” about what is in the products that people bring into their homes.


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