National Sleep Foundation Launches “Live Comfortably” Brand

March 08, 2024

The National Sleep Foundation and Hollander Sleep Products have launched a select collection of bed pillows and mattress toppers at Bloomingdale’s Department Stores under the premium Live Comfortably brand.

The initial products created exclusively for Bloomingdale’s under the Live Comfortably brand umbrella include high-quality bed pillows and mattress toppers filled with Memorelle fiberfill from preeminent fiber manufacturer Invista. The Live Comfortably bed pillows and mattress toppers are being marketed as the Official Products of the National Sleep Federation, and represent the culmination of intensive research and product development by Hollander Sleep Products.

Executives at the National Sleep Foundation and Hollander Sleep Products say the nearly year-old relationship has been extremely beneficial to both parties. “Hollander Sleep Products’ Live Comfortably is the only brand in pillows and mattress pads that is an Official Product of the National Sleep Foundation,” explains David M. Cloud, chief executive officer of the National Sleep Foundation.

“From the start, the team at Hollander Sleep Products understood the value of partnering with the National Sleep Foundation to educate consumers about sleep health,” Cloud continues. “The National Sleep Foundation carefully selected the right partner and is proud to be associated with the luxury and high quality of the Live Comfortably bedding collection.”

Beth Mack, president of sales and merchandising at Hollander Sleep Products, points out that the Live Comfortably brand and its relationships with the National Sleep Foundation fits in well with Hollander’s overall strategy. “For more than 100 years, Hollander Sleep Products has developed high-quality bedding products to help consumers ‘live comfortably,’” Mack explains. “Hollander Sleep Products prides itself on using the best raw materials, world-class manufacturing techniques and a worldwide sourcing network to enhance its ability to provide the best quality, price and selection of products for its retail customers and consumers.”

“We think it is great that Bloomingdale’s shoppers will have access to these quality products bearing our name, logo and sleep health information,” Cloud adds

Jannice Cameron-Chapital, senior vice president of marketing for Hollander Sleep Products, says the initial products have received a great reaction from consumers, and that the company is looking to expand the Live Comfortably line in the future. “As we add additional categories to the brand, it will make a bigger statement as a collection at Bloomingdale’s,” she notes. “Consumers will come to trust the brand and immediately associate it with comfort. We believe the consumer will return to our brand to try other products within the collection once she spends one night with Live Comfortably.”

The initial Live Comfortably collection for Bloomingdale’s includes Memorelle bed pillows in both standard/queen and king sizes; Memorelle mattress toppers in full, queen and king sizes; and a Memorelle Euro pillow. Regular retail prices range from $70 to $85 for the bed pillows; from $360 to $430 for the mattress toppers; and $90 for the Euro pillow. All of the products are covered in a 400-thread-count premium cotton fabric.

The Live Comfortably line is positioned in the moderate tier of Bloomingdale’s basic bedding assortment, and offers the consumer a variety of upscale options. Live Comfortably bed pillows come in two densities, one for the side sleeper and one for the stomach/back sleeper. The Live Comfortably Euro pillow is oversized, measuring 28-by-28 inches, and is filled with Memorelle fiber to provide maximum comfort and support. The Euro features a two-inch all around gusset and is packaged in a printed vinyl bag with non-woven material on the back which allows the product to breath.

The Live Comfortably mattress topper has a two-inch gusset, which allows us to use more Memorelle fiberfill, which is a fiber that emulates many of the properties of memory foam. The Live Comfortably Memorelle Topper is packaged as a two piece set: the topper comes with an ‘easy off’ cover that allows you to remove the cover for ease of care and laundering. The mattress topper has a baffle box design that holds the fiber in place so that it does not migrate and keeps it evenly distributed for continuous comfort. “The topper is a great way to renew your mattress or just add that extra layer of cloud-like comfort to your sleep,” says Cameron-Chapital.

A key point of difference in the Live Comfortably products is the use of the Memorelle fiber, an exclusive high-performance fill developed by leading fiber producer Invista. Memorelle is a micro-denier fiber that is exclusive to Hollander Sleep Products.

“Memorelle fibers continuously adjust to the movement of your head and neck in the pillows, and continuously adjusts to the movement of your entire body on the topper,” Cameron-Chapital explains. “Our proprietary Smartfill technology delivers a fluid-like movement so body pressure is evenly distributed; this allows you to sleep in comfort all night long."

One of the biggest complaints with memory foam are that the products ‘sleep hot’ and that the foam emits an unpleasant odor, but the "exclusive Memorelle fiber offers the consumer a true alternative to memory foam that sleeps cool, has no odors and offers incredible comfort for all sleep positions,” Cameron-Capital continues. “Memorelle actually creates a cooling system as the air moves freely through the fibers with your every move. Like memory foam, Memorelle conforms to your shape and bounces back immediately to full loft when you move."

Cameron-Chapital notes that the Live Comfortably brand represents a comprehensive lifestyle approach to the basic bedding category. This collection presents a clean contemporary flair with global design inspiration that speaks to that sophisticated, uncluttered, lifestyle that comforts everyone.

Another important benefit of the National Sleep Foundation and Hollander Sleep Products relationship is consumer education: As part of their partnership, the National Sleep Foundation and Hollander Sleep Products are providing a “sleep advice card” offering consumers information about how to establish a soothing bedtime routine and how to create a proper bedroom environment that can lead to a better night’s sleep.

“Our partnership with the National Sleep Foundation allows us to share and educate the consumer with important information that ultimately can lead to a better night’s sleep,” Cameron-Chapital relates. “Through this partnership, we are able to provide the consumer with premium sleep products and share great sleep tips from the National Sleep Foundation. We are distributing this information using insert cards in the packaging of every Live Comfortably bed pillow and mattress topper, and also sharing this important information from the NSF through social media and online through our websites.”

Cloud adds, “The National Sleep Foundation’s goals are to provide the public with healthy choices in bedroom products, to make them excited about sleep and to deliver sleep health information with every product.”

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About The National Sleep Foundation: The National Sleep Foundation is a charitable, educational and scientific not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving sleep health and safety through education, public awareness, and advocacy. Based in Washington, DC, its membership includes researchers and clinicians focused on sleep medicine, professionals in the health, medical and science fields, individuals, patients, families affected by drowsy driving and more than 900 healthcare facilities throughout North America.

About Hollander Sleep Products: Hollander Home Fashions Corporation was established as a family business in 1953 by Bernard Hollander in Newark, New Jersey. What began as a bustling family business soon became the largest supplier of bed pillows in North America. Adding to its success in the bed pillow category, Hollander entered into the mattress pad, comforter, fiber bed, feather bed, blanket and throw businesses. In 2013, Hollander acquired Louisville Bedding and created Hollander Sleep Products, the largest bed pillow and mattress pad manufacturer in North America. Louisville Bedding Co. opened its doors in 1889 as a producer of mattress pads and mattress protectors, fiber beds, feather beds, latex foam, polyurethane foam, memory foam, comforters and bed pillows. Over time, it grew to include nine manufacturing and distribution points across the U.S., Canada and China, and it became the world’s largest producer of mattress pads. Today, Hollander Sleep Products is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and it operates its main showroom in New York City. Additionally, Hollander has nine manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada and a sourcing, product development and quality control office in China.