For a lot of people, the pandemic was a turning point in the way they approach health and wellness. Sleep became a priority and consumers soon recognized the value of investing more into their sleep. With excess savings burning holes in their pockets, many bought higher-end mattresses—creating a whole new class of luxury bedding shoppers. And, while some consumer buying habits have shifted at this stage of the pandemic, affluent shoppers are still spending. 

Today’s luxury mattress market is about more than the price tag. Consumers are seeking compelling reasons to justify the higher cost— they need to be able to immediately identify why this particular mattress is worth more than the others. From high-end materials and hand-crafted constructions to meaningful sustainability stories and elegant styling, the latest luxury mattress models deliver clear differentiators. 

Stearns & Foster

Since 1846, Stearns & Foster has combined the finest materials with handcrafted details to create mattresses that offer stunning design, exceptional quality and luxurious comfort. Not only are Stearns & Foster mattresses assembled by hand, but each craftsperson who makes them must go through a six-month training process to get certified first. This dedication to detail is why the beds take almost twice as long to make as compared to an ordinary mattress. Made from proprietary memory foams, innovative coil designs and high-quality fabrics, the Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress collection is designed to deliver indulgent comfort and supreme support for $4,449 in queen.

Understanding how important design is to the luxury consumer, Stearns & Foster looks to other high-end product categories for aesthetic inspiration—and further enhances its mattresses with intricately quilted and hand tufted fabrics and details such as the burnished metal air vents. Committing a record level of advertising support this year, the company is driving added demand to its retail partners—helping them establish themselves as destinations for premium bedding. 


Founded in San Francisco in 1899, McRoskey has been making two-sided, hand-tufted mattresses with exquisite tailoring for more than 90 years. The company continues to use time-tested traditional construction today, with each handcrafted mattress taking several days to make. The company believes the devil is in the details; and that begins with the mattress cover. Every McRoskey mattress features all-cotton American-made ticking with brass eyelets, vents and finished with precise tufting. These exterior details give shoppers confidence about the interior of the mattress, immediately signaling quality.

Retailing for $9,000, McRoskey’s Hayes Valley mattress is made with 100% all-natural materials including Supima cotton, Alpaca fleece, hypoallergenic EcoWool, Talalay latex and two layers of pressure-relief NanoCoils—all masterfully hand-layered and hand-tufted.


The company’s proprietary pocketed innerspring is hand-built and designed to alleviate pressure points and provide deep, peaceful sleep. For a step-up, the Cole Valley mattress delivers mid-level luxury at $11,000 by incorporating fine-combed cashmere, resilient horsehair cushioning and two cooling tiers of dynamically responsive Softech Microcoils. To more effectively tell McRoskey’s luxury story, the company developed a unique hard-cover coffee table book of thoughtful storytelling and evocative photography to use as an in-store sales tool.


Luxury is deeply engrained in Shifman’s heritage. A high-end manufacturer for nearly 130 years, the company continues to source the finest materials from across the world, locking them together with time-tested techniques to ensure long-lasting comfort. The Masters Collection is the epitome of luxury at Shifman. Designed for high-end independent furniture retailers that have the most discriminating customers, this line sells for $5,549 to $9,999 in queen—offering a variety of comfort levels to satisfy any luxury consumer.

While independent retailers have been the company’s main distribution channel for many years, Shifman now has a successful program for large mattress retailers with American Heritage Collection.


Ranging from $1,939 for to $10,199 in queen, the line helps them achieve higher average unit sale price, making every sales opportunity more productive. Shifman further supports its retailers with dedicated advertising and in-store POS materials. The company’s gallery program is designed to enhance the overall in-store brand experience with logo signs and open model displays that prominently showcase the unparalleled quality of the products’ internal componentry.

ES Kluft & Company

ES Kluft boasts a heritage of craftsmanship that continues to steer the brand today. Across its three brands (Marshall, Aireloom and Kluft), the company offers a wide range of luxurious mattresses for different types of high-end customers—from the younger but quality-aware consumer willing to invest in better quality to the affluent consumer who wants the most exclusive products. The company handcrafts all of its mattresses with unparalleled attention to detail, using innovative methods and patented constructions perfected for over 80 years. One of the company’s best-selling mattresses is the Aireloom Preferred Streamline Luxury Firm. Retailing for $4,199, it is handmade with high-quality, natural materials like Celsion, TerraPur Latex, cotton, silk and wool.

But the company’s most exclusive product is the Kluft Palais Royale. Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and retailing for $25,798, each made to order mattress is handcrafted with over one thousand patented Original Marshall pocketed coils. Each mattress requires more than five days of dedicated assembly by skilled artisans specially trained to perfect this bed’s elaborate construction and design. Rigorously tailored with traditional side-stitching and nearly eight hours of intricate, hand-sewn button details, the Palais Royale is covered by high-quality Belgian Jacquard Damask and woven with silk for extra softness.

Posh + Lavish

When it comes to luxury, Posh + Lavish believes that the product will always be the hero. That means designing mattresses made with fabrics that are both soft and subtle, fine embroidery along with uncommon fits and finishes. In order to meet these exacting standards, the company procures the finest, most luxurious components not typically found in other premium mattress options—like latex rubber and wool. More elastic, resilient and longer lasting than traditional polyurethane foams and polyester fibers, latex and wool deliver exceptional performance, supreme comfort and added durability. For the FR, the company opts for two layers of cotton. Each mattress is then finished with a Tencel-faced fabric cover. Derived from wood pulp and enhanced with nanotechnology, the covers are moisture absorbent and incredibly supple.

It’s not just the components that set Posh + Lavish mattresses apart though—it’s the design as well.

Posh + Lavish offers an array of luxury Split Head King and Split Head Queen Mattresses and toppers, adding a new level of luxurious comfort to the sleep experience. This construction enables both sleepers to read, watch television or sleep in a different position than their partner. Importantly, presenting each model in a king size with an adjustable creates a demonstrable position to be noticed from a distance in the retail store.

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