Is the Mattress Industry Seeing a Turnaround? Insights on Recent Trends

Overall the mattress industry appears to be off 10-20 percent in the last few months. However in a non-scientific sample of small to medium size companies it appears to have had a bit of an uptick over Memorial Day. The question is this an aberration or a sign of an improving consumer market? It appears to be affected by pent up demand due to consumers putting off buying a new mattress because of inflation, lower home sales or just a lack of consumer confidence. 

The mattress industry has also introducing new products that are more value oriented with lower pricing with lower profit margins. Mattress manufacturers would rather have their factories running close to capacity as opposed to working reduced work weeks with idle equipment and employees. Consumers should become very savvy in their shopping to take advantage of values that are showing up in the market these days.Now is a good time to purchase a new mattress. 


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