Enhancing Individual Comfort with Advanced Bedding Accessories

No longer just a post-purchase afterthought, bedding accessories are more advanced than ever before. From customizable pillows to adjustable bed bases to performance sheets, consumers have a wide range of options when it comes to unique products that individually adapt to the sleeper. We’ve highlighted a number of companies that have developed personalized bedding accessories that truly enhance the sleep environment.

With a growing portfolio of bedding accessories, Malouf continues to develop innovative sleep solutions designed to resonate and adapt to the consumer. Leading a growing trend of soft, sustainable fibers, the company’s new Tencel Woven sheets offer a smooth hand and advanced moisture management qualities. With a unique nanofibril structure, the Tencel materials draws moisture away from the body to maintain a neutral temperature that adjusts with each individual throughout the night. At the winter Las Vegas Market, Malouf also unveiled innovative new additions to its popular Z Pillow collection. Made from a unique memory foam formulation, the Zoned Dough + Bamboo Charcoal pillow better conforms to the head, neck and shoulders to offer superior individual support. Malouf enhances the personalized comfort by infusing bamboo charcoal into the foam, which provides advanced cooling by regulating the body’s temperature.

Developed by Protect-A-Bed and standing for REST, ENERGIZE & MOTIVATE, the REM-Fit active lifestyle collection includes adjustable pillows, bedding and the Active sleep and activity tracker, all designed to enhance the active recovery process of sleep. The REST Pillow collection features hybrid adjustable pillows, engineered to help regulate body temperature and enhance air flow, as well as protect against dust mites and allergens. The top two models in the series are uniquely made to allow users to tailor the density—by removing or adding the soft micro-fill core or the Support Cluster inner filling, sleepers can adjust the pillow to the exact right balance of softness and support. Billed as a “different waterproof sheet” the ENERGIZE collection boasts numerous bedding options, all offering an array of benefits that range from moisture management and temperature regulation to body-contouring comfort and protection from dust mites and allergens. These performance textiles increase blood flow, reduce pressure and allow muscles to fully experience the restorative sleep process. The newest addition to the suite of products, constituting the MOTIVATE portion of REM, is the Active tracker. Using a proprietary algorithm, this handy tracker measures the user’s daily activity as well as how soundly they’ve slept during the night. By combining these cutting-edge products into a complete sleep package—the REM-Fit Total Recharge Kit—consumers can fully embrace healthier, more rejuvenating sleep.

Customatic Adjustable Bedz
With an unwavering commitment to innovation within the growing adjustable base segment, Customatic Adjustable Bedz takes “customization” to a whole other level. Working closely with its retail partners, Customatic custom designs its bases based on their specific needs and demographics. This level of customization is passed onto the consumer—offering them a wide range of personalized and adjustable features. Customatic recently showcased its new “chaise” lounge feature on a two-piece, deck-on-deck base at the winter Las Vegas Market. The first of its kind, the patent-pending feature provides complete adjustability and flexibility. Designed to conform to the natural contour of the body, the full lounge position relieves pressure and tension in the lower back and throughout the entire body.

“This patent pending feature brings deck-on-deck bases to another level and enhances the adjustable bed category,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil Sherman, “giving retailers a major differentiating factor against competition.”

Already an industry leader in customizable bedding, Reverie recently expanded its personalized offerings at the winter Las Vegas Market with its new Sweet Slumber Adjustable pillow collection. This new all-in-one pillow comes with two easily identified inserts filled with shredded DreamCell natural latex—allowing users to adjust the fill to customize their comfort. The inserts are color-coded to match Reverie’s DreamCell foam spring colors, indicating soft and medium firmness. Either insert can be placed inside the washable, brushed micro- fiber pillow casing—or combined to create a firm filling. The unique construction of this durable pillow offers the softness of down, the core support of natural latex—and advanced airflow to provide a cooler night’s sleep.

“We wanted to create a pillow that catered to anyone and everyone,” explained Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan, “whether they prefer a pillow that is soft, medium or firm—the Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow is perfect for them. Much like our mattress selection, the unique pillow gives buyers premium and customized comfort and versatility at a value-add price point.”

Sleep & Beyond
A leading manufacturer of certified organic bedding accessories, Sleep & Beyond recently expanded its portfolio by introducing its adjustable myWoolly Pillow at the winter Las Vegas Market. Designed to provide advanced personalized support, this new model is made from high-quality materials that adapt to the sleeper. Each pillow is filled with pearl-sized puffs of soft Shrophsire wool, which provides natural temperature regulation to eliminate the possibility of overheating or nigh sweats. While the pillows are sold at retail with a firm comfort feel, each pillow offer customizable comfort and support. By simply opening the zipper along the side of the organic cover, consumers can easily remove some of the wool fill to adjust the pillow to a softer feel.

With its comprehensive suite of health and wellness-oriented accessories, PureCare has developed a unique take on personalized “performance” bedding. A leader in product innovation, the company has created an entire fleet of products that adapt to the body and enhance individualized comfort—allowing the consumer to customize their environment to their specific needs.

The first of its kind, the PureCare One collection offers six unique pillow options for which the consumer is fit in-store. Designed with three distinct pieces that work in harmony with the curvatures of the head, neck and spine, each pillow offers advanced comfort and support. Available in memory foam, latex or gel-wrapped memory foam models, each with two different height options, this collection allows retailers to easily offer bedding personalization within a retail setting. From there, the consumer can further enhance their sleep environment with a host of advanced products that work in concert with each other. The company’s Frio protectors are made with Celliant, a unique material that adapts to the body for advanced temperature regulation—while each option in the Elements sheet collection is made from a different technical material to offer distinct health benefits.

For PureCare, “performance” bedding means offering a variety of sleep essentials that work to maximize the body’s physical health. By developing a product portfolio that promotes individual wellness, PureCare allows consumers to create a full sleep system that is uniquely tailored to their health and wellness.

Visit maloufsleep.com, REM-fit.com, customaticbeds.com, sleepandbeyond.com, reverie.com and purecare.com.


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