Convenient, Flexible And Easy To Use: Reverie Enhances The Power Base Experience

Convenience has been a major buzzword in the bedding industry in recent years, with manufacturers and retailers looking to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for consumers. But Reverie understands that the power of convenience doesn’t lessen once the sale has been made. With consumers facing so many different kinds of stresses right now, there is real value in delivering ease and simplicity throughout every stage of the buying process and beyond. And Reverie is doing just that with its Customer Convenience Hub and R380 and R480 Power Bases—new innovations designed to deliver greater simplicity and flexibility, and enhance the overall consumer experience. 

The Customer Convenience Hub

Reverie’s newest innovation is its Customer Convenience Hub (CCH). Connecting to the underside of the power base with a long cord, this device gives the consumer easy access to the control box for easy and intuitive troubleshooting. The device itself also includes two USB ports and a button that allows for quick one-touch pairing, adding further convenience for the user. 

We are dedicated to improving the consumer experience with our products,” explained Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO and co-founder of Reverie. “Power bases are an electromechanical product that consumers will use for many years – troubleshooting questions are bound to come up for many consumers. The CCH makes troubleshooting extremely simple and intuitive for customers, allowing them to resolve most questions without needing to call anyone or look anything up online.”

The CCH was designed with the consumer in mind, taking into account how people really engage with their power base in their day-to-day life—and how that engagement can vary from person to person. The user can place the device wherever works best for them, whether the side of the bed, the nightstand or any other convenient location. Understanding that consumers may accidentally unpair their remote from their bed, this further enhances the simplicity of one-touch pairing—making it easy for the user to re-connect the remote to the base as needed.  

More than just simplifying the occasional troubleshooting necessity, this flexibility also “eliminates the issue many consumers have with USB outlets fixed in the upholstery of power bases, which can often be obstructed if the consumer has the power base on or in another bed frame,” Rawls-Meehan explained. And with both USB A 2.0 and USB C charging ports, the CCH accommodates a wider range of phone and personal devices.

The New R380 and R480 Bases

Ease and simplicity are at the core of Reverie’s two new power base models as well. Combining the key features of a number of the company’s popular bases, the R380 and R480 deliver powerful benefits while streamlining some of the category’s most common pain points.

When we looked at the products currently out there, we wanted to make the consumer interface and the delivery and setup process as simple as possible,” said John Wanat, vice president of sales.

Designed to work in all bedroom settings, the new power base models are low profile, zero-clearance and platform-friendly. The base also comes with optional adjustable height legs. This flexibility ensures that the consumer can seamlessly incorporate their new base into their bedroom no matter their style or arrangement.

These new bases are also designed to streamline the set-up process. Offering tool-free assembly in under five minutes, the consumer can simply unfold the base and plug it in. And for those customers that want the base to stand on its own, the adjustable legs can be screwed directly into the base in under 60 seconds.

Simplicity doesn’t mean basic, of course. Touted as the most durable bases Reverie has ever designed, the R380 and R480 offer significant lift capacity and has passed the companys rigorous testing standards. They also come with a direct connect mechanism to eliminate excessive flex and unwanted vibration.

Reverie’s focus on convenience extends to the retailer as well. The UPS-able packaging allows the products fit more efficiently into a container or warehouse—while the easy assembly helps streamline the delivery process as well. 

These bases are game changers for delivery teams,” explained Patti Ark, director of customer experience. “One of the problems with most platform-friendly power bases is the difficulty of getting those bases in the house, up the stairs, and assembling. This power base solves all those challenges. The retailer will be so happy that the consumer will have an installation go quick and seamless.” 

“In a world where freight is going up and storage space is at a premium, you can cut the number of SKUs in your warehouse and fit far more in a container with this ‘Do It All’ power base,” Rawls-Meehan continued. “It is designed for the modern world of complex logistics, and for a modern consumer that expects simplicity, convenience, and all the bells and whistles.”

It’s In The Details

From one-touch pairing to easy, no-tool assembly, Reverie has equipped its power bases with more convenient features that extend throughout the life of the product. It’s these kinds of little details that can make a world of difference for the user. By understanding how consumers interact with its products, the company is focused on delivering a better customer experience long after the sale has been made.

It isnt enough to solve problems, we need to go above and beyond,” Rawls-Meehan explained. “We want consumers to not just be happy with Reverie beds but to also recommend them to their friends and family. That is how our industry will grow.”

Reverie’s new adjustable bases and the Customer Convenience Hub will be on display at the winter Las Vegas Market. 


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