Are Men Better in Bed than Women - The Better Sleep Council has the data

Who sleeps better, men or women? A study by the Better Sleep Council tried to find out. Both men and women know sleep is good for them, but the study shows men might be better sleepers. They have strict bedtimes and often wake up feeling refreshed. Men also avoid caffeine in the afternoon more than women.

Men say they're good at sleeping, with some of them rating their sleep quality as excellent. Women, on the other hand, really care about sleep but still struggle a bit. They often feel stressed about getting enough sleep and like to share their bed more, either with pets or family members. Women also tend to avoid alcohol before bed more than men but have more trouble falling or staying asleep. They also like to hit the snooze button more in the mornings.

Despite these differences, both men and women agree that getting enough good sleep makes them happy. Many aim for 7-8 hours a night, and a lot of people have a fairly new mattress. Also, quite a few people don't keep electronics in their bedroom to help them sleep better.

The study was done by the Better Sleep Council in May 2018.


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