Airweave Announces New Global Canine Brand Ambassador, Masaru

Airweave recently signed its first-ever Am-bark-ssador, Masaru, the Akita Inu owned by Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova. Masaru will be featured in Airweave’s upcoming promotions for their pet-friendly, 100% washable mattresses.

Masaru will be featured with “dog-Mom” and 2018 gold-medalist, Alina Zagitova, in the global campaign slated to launch early this year. In it, Airweave will demonstrate the unique washable mattress features and show off how comfortable it is, for dogs and humans alike.

Zagitova was introduced to Airweave’s innovative products and sleep technology earlier this year in a meeting with the brand’s CEO, Motokuni Takaoka. As a new pet owner, Zagitova was most impressed with the 100% washable design, and was gifted a mattress for Masaru. To the brand’s delight, Zagitova shared via Instagram how Masaru had taken to the new Airweave bed, which set the partnership in motion. Upon inking (by paw of course) the Am-bark-ssador deal, Airweave presented the growing pup with a larger, custom-made dog bed. Dogs know comfort, and Airweave was thrilled to have been chosen by Masaru.

About Airweave: Airweave is the only 100% washable mattress on the market. Simply machine wash the removable out cover and hand rinse the inner core with mild detergent. The proprietary airfiber material, which makes up the core of every Airweave mattress, is highly breathable so moisture and heat won’t get trapped — making it easy to clean and a comfortable night’s rest.



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