Advanced Sleep Technologies Launches Comfort Controlled iSense Sleep

March 10, 2024

Advanced Sleep Technologies, Inc. aims to change the consumer buying—and sleeping—experience with the introduction of the iSense Sleep brand of adjustable mattresses at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The iSense is a premium mattress line that offers the choice of spring, foam and air surfaces—all with built-in technology to control individual comfort from ultra-plush to ultra-firm with the touch of a mobile app.

While adjustable air mattress technology has been around since the 1980s, the iSense Sleep is the first to offer an automated individual comfort control solution for spring or foam sleep surfaces as well. The brand’s spring and foam mattresses feature exclusive VariCoil and VariFoam technology, which bring individually comfort-controlled technology to every type of sleep surface.

“The iSense Sleep line will change the mattress buying process and give consumers the ability to control their comfort after the sale,” explained Founder and CEO Paul Longman. “This will have a profound impact on this industry and peoples’ lives. Essentially, we have three mattresses that represent the majority of mattresses that are being sold in the world today.”

The iSense Sleep mattresses will be available in three configurations: iSense Sleep Spring, iSense Sleep Foam and iSense Sleep Air. Each premium mattress uses a combination of American-made, specialty foams, fabrics and individually wrapped ComfortCore steel springs. Every bed features a uniquely designed edge support system, providing maximum side and corner support engineered with optimal flex when using with an adjustable base. A removable zippered cover provides easy access to any of the interchangeable components. The company will also introduce a SMART pillow and other bedding accessories including the Contour adjustable base.

“We sought to provide comprehensive comfort control regardless of sleep surface preference,” Longman continued. “We developed the mattress and supporting technologies that will respond to our ever-changing physical needs, positively impacting long-term sleep quality and overall health.”