My Favorite Traditional Factory Direct Mattress Companies in America

Traditional mattress factory setting highlighting the craftsmanship of factory direct mattress companies in America.

What are my favorite traditional factory direct mattress companies in America? These companies tend to be very local or, at most, regional. There are good and bad in this category, but today, I’m going to mention a few I like and why I like them. For the record, I grew up in this part of the mattress business.

Factory directs are companies that not only sell directly to the consumer in their showrooms but also manufacture their products in their own factory. The challenge for these companies is to not only be good at selling and marketing mattresses but also to run efficient factories to produce their products. In the sixties, seventies, and eighties, there were 300-400 of these companies spread across America. This was the heyday of this segment of the industry. It was the pre-internet era for these types of companies. Many have adapted to the changing market, while many have not and have gone out of business. The re-emergence of this factory direct concept has been driven by the new online companies that only came into existence in the last 10-15 years.

There are a lot of factory directs that I love, from Holder Mattress to Buis Mattress to Best Mattress to Sleepez, and too many to name right now. There are so many out there that I have love for and have enjoyed working with.

Jamestown Mattress, founded in 1886 in Jamestown, New York, is one such company selling directly to the public. The company now has eight stores in Western New York and Northwest Pennsylvania. They've also expanded into manufacturing private label mattresses and a DTC brand called DLX Mattress.

A favorite of mine is Custom Comfort in Southern California. It started as a small factory direct manufacturer in Orange County, California. Today, they have multiple stores in Orange County and Los Angeles County. They make top-notch products and are a very successful company.

There are others, but this is a good start if you want to research these companies further.