XSENSOR Helps Boost Sales With Its Easy-To-Use Diagnostic System

The in-store mattress buying experience is getting a revamp, thanks to XSENSOR’s advanced diagnostic system. The company’s body-mapping technology makes it easy for customers to understand their body’s needs by visualizing their pressure points—and then simplifies the selection process by directing them to their best-suited mattresses. More than just improving the shopping experience, XSENSOR is helping retailers increase their sales and margins.

Georges Furniture & Mattress | Napolean, OH

Georges Furniture & Mattress

Concerned about stagnating mattress traffic, George’s Furniture & Mattress owner Chris Chamberlin turned to XSENSOR’s Support Report system to help not only boost traffic but increase close rates for mattress sales as well. Since integrating the branded tablet kiosk into the showroom floor, the store has seen significant sales gains as a result.

The value of Support Report is rooted in the customer experience. The sleep-mapping process offers users objective insights about what their body needs, leaving no room for ambiguity. Prior to implementing this system, the sales staff at Georges Furniture & Mattress did have a process for fitting people to a mattress—but its strategy was more focused on selling based on comfort rather than mattress support. Now, everyone who walks into the showroom looking to purchase a mattress first goes through the Support Report System. This allows the sellers to address the customer’s comfort and support needs equally, and helps simplify the selection process.

After using the Support Report System for two years, the impact has been clear. Most significantly, it “has made mattress sales better for everyone who works for us, and made the lowest performers more consistent sellers,” Chamberlin explained. Within five months, the system helped add $2,800 in additional profit per month. In year one, average mattress sales grew 9% and average margin increased by over 5%.

“The average unit selling price went up right after implementing Support Report and has held steady ever since,” he continued. “It’s also resulted in a big-time reduction of returns. We used to average 7–10 returns per year. Last year we had only one comfort return.”

Support Report has also helped Chamberlin refine his store’s mattress selection. The information collected by the system highlighted key missed opportunities in its mix—in particular, mattresses suited to people with bigger frames. “We could have ignored the information we were getting from the system, but we realized we were missing product that could help a lot of people, especially those with larger body types,” he explained.

As per company policy, George’s follows up with its customers three weeks after their purchase. Since implementing the Support Report system, the company has received more positive reviews from customers than they received prior to its implementation. For that, Chamberlin said, “we consider this a big win.”

Snooze Mattress Co | Pueblo West, CO

Snooze Mattress Co

On Black Friday 2020, mattress veteran Matt Smith opened the first Snooze Mattress Co. in Pueblo, Colorado. Looking to create a shopping journey that would help his customers find the best mattress for them, he sought out technology that would help support that goal. Smith has previously discovered the value of body-mapping technology as the owner of a Fitness Center, where he used an assessment system to help his clients better understand their bodies and focus their fitness efforts. With REVEAL by XSENSOR, he was able to integrate that same methodology into his flagship store. Using the Dream Map branded Arch system, Snooze Mattress is helping to demystify the experience of purchasing the right mattress.

From previous experience selling mattresses, Smith understood the central problem of RSA’s everywhere: how do you recommend the right mattress? Recommendations are often informed by a salesperson’s personal biases, or driven by the commission rate. According to Smith, the Dream Map system has empowered his salespeople to recommend the right product with greater authority.

Snooze Mattress dream-mapping“The beauty is that now we’re [making recommendations] with science and technology, rather than basically throwing a dart and saying ‘yeah, that works,’” he explained. The system enables quick-training, removes any personal bias and gives an RSA’s buying advice credibility. This raises confidence levels, even when the RSA is helping a customer with body pains or a medical condition that requires careful attention in order to ensure a good night’s rest.

For Snooze Mattress, the investment in XSENSOR was well worth it. The Dream Map system paid for itself within the first two days the store was open. Over the course of that first weekend, RSAs used the system in 100% of their sales presentations—generating an 85% close rate and 70% rate in upsells of adjustable bases and custom pillows. And while the policy at Snooze is for RSAs to present the good, better and best” mattress options for those mapped, they have found that people almost always select the most expensive best” option.

Since unveiling the system, the response from customers has also been positive. “A big part of our sales is recommendations from people who’ve bought from us,” Smith explained. “They tell friends and other members of their family, ‘I sleep better than I’ve ever slept - you have to go there!’”

With that in mind, Snooze Mattress is leveraging the “wow-factor” the Dream Map system brings to the in-store mattress shopping experience by launching billboard and print advertising that highlight the unique mapping process.

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