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Modway Brings Its Success To Retail Stores Nationwide

Modway is taking its successful boxed-bed program into national retail stores, seeking to gain better brand awareness and bring potential customers a tactile experience of its products.

Experiencing a mattress first-hand is a truth that traditional mattress brands have long known, and a fact that direct-to-consumer brands are beginning to...

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Modway Furniture Rolls Out Affordable Hybrid-In-A-Box

The boxed-bed business is booming as consumers continue to seek mattress solutions that deliver the amenities without the hassle. By compressing the mattress and sealing it inside a vacuum-packed wrap, companies are able to decrease cost and simplify delivery. This process, though, has been limited primarily to foam-based mattresses. For...
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Modway Brings Boxed Mattresses to Stores Nationwide

Modway Furniture has unveiled a new bed-in-a-box series intended to give retail locations an edge up on their online competition. With an aggressive price point and convenient packaging, the new Aveline Memory Foam Mattress series allows traditional retailers to offer their customers a quality alternative to other direct-to-consumer brands. “Direct-to-consumer boxed...
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Modway Presents Mattress-In-A-Box Line at High Point

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Modway Furniture has entered the “mattress-in-a-box” memory foam mattress boom with a passion. “We were frustrated to see customers in need of a memory foam mattress,” said Yonatan Gordon, Marketing Manager for Modway, “pay for a mattress that we knew we could produce and sell for three or four...
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