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Wright Global Graphics Adds Chemical-Free Printing Plates

Wright Global Graphics Solutions announced it would begin manufacturing from chemical-free printing plates later this month. This move will allow Wright to produce significantly less chemical waste during the printing process, reducing the need dispose of harmful chemicals into the environment and decreasing the negative environmental impact often associated with traditional offset printing. Offset printing is...
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WithIt Honors Wright Global Graphic Solutions with Mentoring Award

Wright Global Graphic Solutions has been named WithIt’s Mentoring Award recipient. WithIt, a women’s leadership development network, is an organization that champions the advancement of women in the home furnishings industries. The honor is part of WithIt’s annual WOW Awards recognizing an executive or organization that has fostered advocacy, development or promotion of women. The...
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Wright Global Graphic Solutions “Lights Up” Point-Of-Purchase

The North Carolina-based Wright Global Graphic Solutions is lighting up retail showrooms with a new series of point-of-purchase displays. Wright designed patent-pending foot protectors using energy efficient LED lights embedded into the fabric, a cost-effective way to help products stand out on the showroom floor. Read more