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Vita Talalay Wows at Interzum 2017

Vita Talalay has once again presented numerous conceptual and product rollouts at the worldwide Interzum market in Cologne, Germany. This year, the producer of the healthy bedding material known as Vita Talalay latex has brought a unique in-store concept, an innovative virtual reality training module and its unique, feel-good Natural Vita Talalay Origins line. Designed...
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Vita Talalay Makes Falling Asleep a Virtual Dream

This coming December, Radium Foam, makers of Vita Talalay latex foam, will launch a worldwide introduction of the first virtual reality experience ever to enhance nighttime relaxation for better sleep. The company, which prides itself on providing the healthiest sleep experience, will release virtual reality glasses that induce relaxation by simulating, through sound and sight,...
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