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Boyd Specialty Sleep Is Committed to Sleep Accessories

A prodigious innovator of myriad sleep accessories since 1977, Boyd Specialty Sleep’s portfolio of new accessory products provides ample proof that its already strong commitment to the category has only intensified. The St. Louis, Missouri-based specialty sleep accessory producer is adding two new pillows...
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Pure LatexBLISS Launches New Website

By: Christopher Schriever Pure LatexBLISS™ revamped its website using “info-tainment” – a combination of video segments and other real time tools – to better educate consumers about Pure LatexBLISS mattresses, pillows and toppers. “Our brand strategy has evolved to pre-selling consumers as they canvas the...
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Blending Science & Comfort for an Innovative Night’s Sleep

Restless sleep, lack of support, and “sleeping hot” are all common problems for shoppers. While some manufacturers boast better sleep solutions through different materials; placement; and mattresses—with little description as to where the products and materials originate—it begs the question “How?” South Bay International has an answer. With a key...
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