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Talalay Global Launches Website For Juvea Latex Pillow Line

Following a successful beta test of its newly designed “Juvea” line, Talalay Global—a North American producer of the premium latex process—launched a direct-to-consumer website for direct sales. The site, www.juvea.com, not only accepts orders from consumers, but also is home to a wealth of information about sleep and the importance of having...
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Talalay Global Launches Cost-Effective Latex Top Layer

For OEM partners looking to economically incorporate the benefits of Talalay into their hybrid and roll-packed bedding products, Talalay Global has an innovative, cost-effective solution. Talalay Echo uses fabrication cuts that are pulverized into a fine powder and then combined with liquid latex during the Talalay production process. Talalay Echo is then produced...
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Talalay Global Launches Latex Pillow Brand

Moving to expand its share of the underserved latex pillow market, latex producer Talalay Global has partnered with Amazon to launch its extensive pillow lineup. Called Juvea, the line features six pillow designs, including models developed specifically for stomach and side sleepers. Available through the e-commerce retailer’s Prime program featuring two-day delivery, the...
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