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Sleep Retailer News | January 18, 2017

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Top Ten Baby Boomer Shopping Habits

sleeping woman

While millennial consumers have been a hot topic over...

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5 Bedding Trends from the 2016 Summer Las Vegas Market

As we made our way around the World Market Center last week, we couldn’t help but remark that the pace of market seemed slower than ever before. Perhaps it was the sweltering temperatures outside, or the limited number of new product introductions inside, but this Las Vegas Market felt different than the hustle and bustle...
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From the Publisher: Summer 2016

Though the air is warm and the sun is shining, the start of summer has been anything but lazy here at Sleep Retailer. We’ve been busy keeping up with all the latest bedding news and updates—and getting ready to launch an exciting new introduction of our own! As the...
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