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The Cannabis Cure-All: Can Weed Help Us Sleep Better?

Now legal in over 30 states (particularly for medicinal use), marijuana has become an increasingly popular, though still controversial, contestant for use as a sleep aid. From TV to books to movies, pot smokers are often depicted as sleepy, chilled out and relaxed -- so why not consider it as a solution for a slew...
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Is It Ok For Your Pet To Sleep In Your Bed?

The debate about whether or not pets should be allowed to sleep in the bedroom has been a longstanding one. Thankfully, two recent articles have explored some of the pros and cons. While the New York Times explains the mental health benefits behind snuggling with your feline or canine friends, Realtor.com considers whether or not sleepers should be concerned...
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How A To-Do List May Help You Fall Asleep Faster

When struggling to fall asleep at night, people often have a number of tricks up their sleeves - whether they turn to relaxing music, essential oils or prescription pills. But a new research study suggests that the real trick to falling asleep faster may require a pen and pencil. According to a study published in...
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