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Gold Bond To Launch Social Media Contest At High Point

Gold Bond will launch a social media contest in its showroom, during the Spring High Point Furniture Market, April 22-26. The contest comes on the heels of a similar event held at the last market that received significant engagement from market attendees. Visitors will have the chance to win many fun prizes. Participants...
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Gold Bond Launches 2015 Social Media Campaign

Gold Bond has announced the launch of a strategically designed, adaptive social and new media strategy to grow brand and product awareness with consumers and online and brick and mortar retailers. The content developed as part of this initiative will highlight the company’s rich history; products; informative articles related to home décor, sleep and sustainability; and...
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Gold Bond Introduces a “Store-to-Store” Approach to Sales

Gold Bond has ushered in a new era in sales – and it’s a bit of a throwback to an older one. When you schedule an appointment with Vice President of Sales Skip Naboicheck, he won’t just give you brochures or a presentation; he’ll drive up in his 18-footer and actually show you the mattress...
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