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McRoskey Mattress Company Offers Tips on Better Sleep for Kids

Helping children get the sleep they need is important for their health, happiness and well-being. According to the Better Sleep Council, sleep is critical for a child’s physical and mental development. Also, kids’ sleep needs change as they age. On average, infants need 16 hours of sleep per day; toddlers require 12 hours; pre-schoolers need...
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McRoskey Mattress Company Introduces the San Francisco King©

McRoskey Mattress Company introduces a 7'X7' San Francisco King© mattress set. This seven foot square mattress is the perfect size for people who want to spread out. According to McRoskey President Robin McRoskey Azevedo, the 7'X7' San Francisco King was created to address this...
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McRoskey Sees Increase in Adjustable Bed Sales

Leading San Francisco mattress retailer, McRoskey Mattress Company is seeing growing popularity with adjustable bed sales among consumers of all ages. The company refers to the adjustable bed as a lifestyle bed – the articulating, moveable bed, allows a person and his/her bedmate to recline comfortably, together or solo, with the touch of a button. Read more