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ReST Releases Sleep Quality Monitor

ReST recently released NightVision, a Sleep Quality Monitor. Using ReST’s patented AI Inside smart bed technology, NightVision collects and reports sleep data derived from real-time respiration and body movement.

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ReST Donates To The American Red Cross

ReST, manufacturer of the ReST Smart Bed, recently announced a donation to the American Red Cross in support of COVID-19 relief efforts, equal to 10% of its net proceeds from April to June. As the world faces this public health emergency, ReST is proud to help the American Red Cross continue...
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ReST Smart Bed Partners With BedJet

 ReST recently partnered with BedJet to offer customers the opportunity to add rapid heating, cooling, and climate control to the ReST Bed’s existing smart bed capabilities.

The ReST Bed senses a sleeper's position and makes automatic real-time adjustments. This technology, combined with five customizable zones makes the...

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