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From The Publisher: Spring 2021

Spirits certainly feel on the rise in the US this spring, with the weather getting warmer and vaccine distribution ramping up. And with that light at the end of the tunnel, the bedding and mattress retail industry continues to face both challenges and opportunities as it prepares for a post-pandemic world. The uptick...
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The Sleep Retailer 2020 Gift Guide

What could be a more practical gift than the gift of better sleep? Whether you are on the hunt for a good present or trying to attract the holiday shopper to your store, we have ideas for you.

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The Value Of Cornering A Niche

When it comes to selling, anytime and especially right now, you have to have a strong value proposition to be successful. You also need some sort of edge that makes your brand unique. And that can be hard! What about your product or brand makes it sought after—especially in a market as flooded with...

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