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Episode 31: Nationwide Marketing Group

We sat down with Rob Stott, the communications manager for Nationwide Marketing Group, for the latest episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast. Listen now as we discuss the challenges and opportunities independent retailers have faced during the pandemic, what new kinds of support NMG has been offering its members - and why...
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Get A Sneak Peek At The Winter Issue Of Sleep Retailer 

Preview the upcoming winter issue before it goes live online on January 23rd. In the latest episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast, Chris Schriever, Gretchen Kast and Elaina Hundley discuss the upcoming issue’s top stories - including our exclusive cover story with Diamond Mattress, a round-up of American-made roll-pack mattresses, insights on the  design process and much more. Read more

Listen To A Preview Of Sleep Retailer’s New Fall Issue

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming fall issue of Sleep Retailer in the new episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast! In this episode, we preview the new issue's feature stories, emerging industry trends and new High Point Market introductions. And Kurt Ling, co-founder and principal of Posh + Lavish, discusses his company's unique retail strategy. Have you...
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