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Serta Launches New Mattress-In-A-Box Program For Retailers

Serta is unveiling a new mattress-in-a-box program for retailers at the Summer Las Vegas Market. Designed to help retailers grow sales in this rapidly-growing segment, the program includes a new collection of all-foam mattresses that are 100% USA assembled. Additionally, the company will offer turnkey digital support for retailers carrying...

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Serta Debuts All-New Perfect Sleeper Mattresses

Building upon the retail success of its flagship brand, Serta is unveiling an all-new Perfect Sleeper Collection at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The company has re-engineered the collection from inside out to include more comfort innovations, improved aesthetics, a broader range of feels and a better overall value.

Serta first introduced...

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Serta Launches New “ComfortSutra” Content Series

Serta has teamed up with actress and comedian Loni Love to launch a provocative new content series touted as the “ultimate guide to getting more in bed.” Much like Kamasutra reinvigorated intimacy in the bedroom, the new ComfortSutra series was designed to transform the way people experience comfort in the bedroom. Serta knows that if...
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Serta Promotes the Perfect Sleeper Line With National Sleep Foundation

Serta NSFEncouraging a good night’s sleep is proving to be an extremely good business practice for specialty bedding retailers. One such retailer, America’s Mattress, says “Getting a good night’s sleep is very important to the customer, and the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation designation...
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