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Back Page From the Publisher: A Boldly Evolving Industry

From Christopher Schriever While watching the fireworks display over the Potomac on July 4th, it struck me, and not for the first time, what one of the most wonderful things about living in America is: anything is possible. If you envision it, you can achieve it. Ours is a country of limitless invention and livable dreams. In...
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PatienTech Rolls out ReST “Smart Beds”

PatienTECH Modern bedAfter nearly two years of developing smart software and perfecting proprietary pressure-sensing technology, comfort-focused mattress components and a patented, flexible mode of operating choices, PatienTech will be rolling out the company’s PREVAIL Responsive Sleep Technology (ReST) Smart Bed. “Our PREVAIL responsive ‘proactive’ mattress is clearly...
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