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King Koil Names New Chief Executive Officer

David Binke; King KoilKing Koil has appointed David Binke as its new chief executive officer, filling a role that had been vacant since the departure of interim chief executive officer Teck Hong Goh in 2015. Owen Shoemaker, the company’s chief operating officer who...
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King Koil Launches New Rebranding Initiative

Looking to capitalize on its worldwide reputation as a leading mattress brand, King Koil is rolling out a rebranding initiative to give the company and its vast licensing network a consistent marketing presence. The rebranding includes a new black and gold logo featuring a swoosh reminiscent of the spine, and subtly...
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King Koil Launches Digital Marketing Program For Retailers

As consumers continue to research online before ever stepping foot in a retail store, King Koil has launched a digital marketing program to help retailers with their digital marketing strategies. The program aims to enhance dealer websites with strong SEO and SEM content to increase digital traffic and ultimately drive foot traffic to...
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