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OMI Is Changing the Way People Think About Organic Mattresses

COVER STORY logoACCOUNTABILITY, AUTHENTICITY, ASSURANCE By Gretchen Kast Just over a decade ago, it might have been difficult to find an organic bed on a retail showroom floor. For years, mattresses have been exclusively sold on two selling points—comfort and price—as consumers looked to buy something comfortable and supportive...
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OMI Helps Retailers Calculate “Organic Opportunity” In Their Market

By Gretchen Kast Organic Mattresses, Inc. has introduced a new service to retailers called the Organic Demographic Study (ODS) that, for the first time, helps them calculate the size of the organic products market around their showrooms, proving that consumers are already purchasing organic and that retailers need to cater to this quickly growing segment. With ODS,...
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