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Glideaway Expands “Basic, Good, Better, Best” Top-Of-Bed Offerings

Glideaway® Sleep Products of St Louis, MO will broaden its successful top-of-bed accessories lineup with “basic, good, better, best” program. Glideaway adds two new models to complete its “basic, good, better, best” mattress protector program. The full line-up consists of the smooth Comfort Basic, microfiber Comfort Plush and terry Comfort Luxe mattress protectors. Providing protection from...
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Glideaway Broadens Introduces Silver Treated Wool Mattress Protector

Glideaway® Sleep Products of Missouri broadens its successful top-of-bed accessories with the introduction of a new high-end Comfort Premier mattress protector. Made from natural wool with a Silpure silver treatment, the mattress protector offers a plush feel and keeps body temperature optimal while sleeping. The Comfort Premier is Glideaway’s first entry in high-end, top-of-bed protection...
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Boyd Specialty Sleep Is Committed to Sleep Accessories

A prodigious innovator of myriad sleep accessories since 1977, Boyd Specialty Sleep’s portfolio of new accessory products provides ample proof that its already strong commitment to the category has only intensified. The St. Louis, Missouri-based specialty sleep accessory producer is adding two new pillows...
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Spotlight on Accessories

Mattress manufacturers continue to see the benefits to retailers and consumers of supplying add-ons, accessories and more to entice people into making more purchases and increase the retailers’ profits. With the broad range of products that are now available, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites. Boyd Specialty Sleep Read more