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Reverie Introduces Easy-Ship Adjustable Foundation

Reverie, manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, has announced its new, feature-packed, power adjustable foundation that can be shipped via common carrier in a single box. The Base in a Box, compatible with Reverie’s full lineup of mattresses and other adjustable-friendly beds, is designed to appeal to consumers who are at ease...
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Reverie Rolls Out New ‘Sleep Is The New’ Consumer Campaign

Reverie, well known manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, has announced the launch of a new four-part program designed to shine a spotlight on the value and power of selling sleep as a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the New, a campaign designed to give retail sales associates an alternative approach to interacting with...
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Reverie Sells Sleep In Three Dimensions

As the bedding industry continues to undergo a series of seismic shifts, Reverie’s long-standing roots as a “sleep technology” company have it well positioned to navigate this evolving industry landscape. Best known for its adjustable bases, or “power bases”, Reverie has focused on developing sleep products that are both conceptually radical and...

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