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Magniflex’s Nuvola Collection Offers A High-Tech Cooling Story

Magniflex is bringing its cooling Nuvola Collection to the fall High Point market. Made with a blend of Thermic fabric and Aquabreeze foam, this line maintains a contemporary appearance that is consistent with the advanced technology it utilizes. The collection also features a Dual Core, giving couples the ability to adjust their personal comfort with a quick zip and flip of the internal foam cores.  Using Thermic technology, the mattresses in...
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Magniflex Debuts New Aquabreeze Foam

Adding to its growing portfolio of innovative sleep solutions, Magniflex's new Aquabreeze foam delivers ultimate comfort and softness. First introduced at the winter market, this new foam will be on display at the summer Las Vegas Market. Designed to take sleep and wellbeing to the next level, Aquabreeze elastic foam is plush yet resilient...
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Trends From Market: Spring 2018 High Point

Over the years, we’ve come to expect the High Point Market to be a slower affair than its Las Vegas counterpart – and last week’s spring show was par for the course. As rainy weather throughout the country wreaked havoc on travel plans, the bedding floors were unsurprisingly quiet. New introductions were few and far...
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Magniflex Delivers Cool Comfort With New Nuvola Collection

Magniflex continues its commitment to sleep innovation, spotlighting its new Nuvola Collection this spring. First debuted at the Winter Las Vegas Market, this new line-up features a modern look and an array of advanced technologies.

The new Nuvola collection contains both Thermic fabric and Aquabreeze foam, two cutting-edge technologies that...

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