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Naturepedic and Suite Sleep First to Participate in BEDFAX Verified Mattress Contents Label Program

Two companies well known for marketing healthier, safer, environmentally responsible “natural” or “certified organic” mattresses and bedding have signed up as the first participants in the Specialty Sleep Association's voluntary BEDFAX Verified contents label program. Both Ohio-based Naturepedic, which markets a full line of environmentally-friendly and certified organic finished mattresses, and Colorado-based Suite Sleep, which...
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Naturepedic Awarded By National Pollution Prevention Roundtable

Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth were given an award at the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable's 2013 MVP2 Awards ceremony for being a charter member of the Roundtable’s “Safer Chemistry Challenge Program” (SCCP). The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable promotes toxics reduction and safer chemical alternatives and products. Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth were recognized for designing and manufacturing mattress...
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New Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress Line is Selling Well and Winning Praise

2012 was a very successful year for Naturepedic, due in no small part to its launch of their Lullaby Earth™ crib mattresses. This line offers consumers the choice of an affordable alternative to Naturepdic's hallmark certified organic line of crib mattresses. The new line offers parents a hygienic, safe selection of mattresses for babies and...
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