Summer 2022 Editors’ Picks

Our top picks for Summer 2022, including new products and programs from LogicData, Nationwide Marketing Group, Bedding Industries of America and more.

LOGICDATA Delivers More Choice With New COSMO Toronto Adjustable Base

The COSMO Toronto offers additional features and functionality—including under-bed light, USB ports and connection to the company’s dedicated sleep control app.

LOGICDATA To Unveil Cosmo Toronto Adjustable Base At Market

Following the successful launch of its COSMO Line, LOGICDATA is expanding its line of adjustable bases with more options to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

LOGICDATA Highlights New Cosmo Line Of Customized Adjustable Bed Frames

Inspired by a flexible lifestyle, LOGICDATA's Cosmo collection of adjustable bases delivers superior design and convenience for today’s modern consumer.

Winter 2022: Mattress & Bedding Industry Trends

Most of the trends we identified and products we saw at the Las Vegas Market directly address new and emerging consumer expectations. 

LOGICDATA Releases New Cosmo Line Of Customized Adjustable Bed Frames

LOGICDATA's new COSMO Line of adjustable bed frames underscore the company’s commitment to motion-based solutions, superior design and shipping convenience.

Jiecang Acquires Logicdata

Logicdata Electronic…

Ecommerce Programs To Implement Right Away

Bedding brands that are making it easy for retailers to get online and seamlessly offer their customers superb products safely and conveniently.