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OMI President Lauds FTC For Campaign Against False Organic Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has admonished more than 36 companies for deceitful certification seals on mattresses which it considers deceptive practices. The FTC recently mailed letters to five certifiers and 32 businesses warning them that the certification seals displayed on their products that claim the products are “green” or “eco-friendly” do not provide...

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The FTC Bars Three Companies From Using False Advertising Claims

Under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission, three mattress manufacturers have agreed to stop making unsupported claims that the mattresses they sell are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition to challenging the companies’ VOC-free claims, the FTC charged that two of the companies made unsupported claims that their mattresses were chemical-free and lacked...
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Going Green: Certification & Education Programs within the Industry

Bedding manufacturers are responding to growing consumer interest in making environmentally friendly buying decisions by offering new, innovative products. Various certification programs have also emerged to verify bedding industry claims that their products are “green.” Unlike government regulations, with which all manufacturers must...
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