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Case Study: Bloomingdale’s The Carousel

The Highly Curated Shop-In-Shop & How To Replicate The Concept In Your Store

In the fall of 2018, Bloomingdale’s introduced The Carousel—a revolving "shop-in-shop" offering a highly curated selection of items. The Carousel has a new guest curator each go around, and the selection of products is typically oriented around some sort...

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Solving The 8 Hour Debate: How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

With daylight savings a little over a month away, school routines back in place and business ramping up, fall tends to be a time to buckle down and solidify a consistent schedule. At the same time, back to school and longer hours at work can often translate into less sleep for many—while pressure...

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The Most Buzzed About Trends In Mattress Retail

And How To Tailor Them To Your Store

We all know that the traditional retail market is in a period of major transformation. While the demise of some retail veterans has caused a lot of anxiety throughout the industry, these changes have actually opened up new opportunities for newer companies to move...

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