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Why Do We Introduce New Products In The Winter?

As we’re getting ready to head to the fall High Point Market, the buzz around the winter Las Vegas show is already in full swing. In fact, we first started hearing winter teasers months ago - even before the summer market. This probably won’t come as a surprise to most industry folks: this...

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Can Reading Really Help You Sleep?

+ Plus Our Sleep Oriented Book Recommendations

While numerous types of sleep aids exist, one of the oldest and most well-loved ones in the book is reading. With sleep becoming the new status symbol, people are more desperate than ever to get good quality sleep and while a better mattress, new sheets, a fluffier pillow...
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The Return of QR Codes

And How Mattress Retailers Can Make The Most of Them This Time

Remember QR codes? Those square barcodes that, when scanned on a smartphone through a special app, directed you to a microsite or sign-up page? We had almost forgotten about them too. In fact, if you had asked us a year...

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